Families playing and learning together

Enhance your real play and real PE provision by encouraging home learning through active family play.


Children and their families in Early Years Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 receive an activity resource to encourage home learning and active family play.

What do schools receive?

  • A year group specific resource for every child*
  • Ideas on how to introduce the resources to families
  • Presentation slides to help explain the resources to parents
  • An explainer guide for families to be emailed home
  • Supporting videos of families using the resources

*Packages available for children in Foundation Stage, Year 1 and Year 2

The resources

Early Years Foundation Stage: Active Story Books

Children explore themes from real PE, practise reading and enjoy the story activities with the help of a parent.

12 Active Story Books

Cost: £359 plus VAT for 30 sets - 12 books are in a set (£11.97 plus VAT per set)

Year 1: Mini Challenge Cards

Pocket size FUNS challenges with top tips for parents to support children's physical development.

Mini Challenge Cards

Cost: £119 plus VAT for 30 sets (£3.99 plus VAT per set)

Year 2: Physical Activity Board Game

‘Laugh out loud’ moments as the whole family visit Bravery, Helpful, Wise and Creative Islands to take on tricky challenges and develop a variety of learning skills.

Physical Activity Board Game

Cost: £419 plus VAT for 30 (£13.99 plus VAT each)

Bundle - all 3 year groups

Enable every child and family in Early Years Foundation Stage/Key Stage 1 to experience real play.

Cost: £845 plus VAT includes 30 resources for each year group

Each whole class set of resources include parents’ presentation, flyers and videos to support teachers and families.

Minimum order of each item is 30. Prices stated above.

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