How Cheating Happens in Schools Emily Peirce

Cheating in the classroom is more common than many of us realize. In fact, it happens with many students we wouldn't expect it to happen with. Many people would expect those in the middle and bottom of their class to cheat; however, cheating happens most often with students at the top or bottom of the class because they feel that more is at stake. Those at the bottom are in danger of failing, and those at the top of the class are in danger of losing their GPA's. The following site shares stories of students in these situations.

How exactly does cheating happen? Cheating is said to be learned initially in elementary when kids try to bend the rules to win competitive games. Cheating in school, though, doesn't start until middle school. In a survey on just middle school students, two-thirds of students admitted to cheating on tests. Nine out of ten admitted to cheating on homework. The cheating peak reaches its climax in high school. Seventy-five percent of students admit to cheating at this level.

Plagiarism is a very common type of cheating. It is the result of taking the work of another person and using it as your own. The following video gives a full description on what plagiarism is and how serious it is.

Plagiarism can come in many forms and can result in serious consequences. You can be expelled from your classes, but even worse, it can have legal consequences. Copyright laws make plagiarizing illegal. The ten types of plagiarism can be seen below.

Ten Types of Plagiarism

Cheating can take many different forms. View the websites below to see a wide variety of types of cheating.

How common is cheating in the classroom? The Donald McCabe Survey shows that 58% of high school students admit to plagiarizing, and 95% of high school students admit to cheating in any form. As for college students 36% admit to paraphrasing or copying sentences from the internet without citing the source. 38% admit to paraphrasing or copying sentences from on paper without citing their source. Read the website below to see how common specific types of plagiarism are in the classroom.

As stated before, the consequences of cheating can be very serious. It can result in legal trouble, expulsion, an automatic zero, or punishment at home. The video below gives more examples of what punishments can come out of cheating.

Know the consequences, and don't cheat!


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