Horror Stories BY: Madison SchneckenberGer

The mystery man By: Madison Schneckenberger

Do you ever wonder about the man in the white suit?

You sat at the counter that one morning when you didn’t have to go into work so early and you thought breakfast at the diner down the street would be nice. You had coffee and some bacon and eggs while you, read the paper. It was a quiet morning. Not the café, it was busy as usual. Silverware and plates and cups all clanked together in a rhythmic hustle and bustle that was almost soothing. Sounded like progress. Sounded like everything was alright with the world. The clanking meant the diner was in business, and business meant that the diner could stay open and that meant that the old man working the register for the past fifty years could keep it open just a little bit longer. Maybe, until he died. After that the future was uncertain, All in all, it was a good morning.

Until you noticed the man in the white suit.

He was eating flapjacks. Not a few flapjacks, not a breakfast plate of flapjacks. This was a dinner plate. A plate stacked so high the only obvious course of action after consuming them would be to sleep it off. That didn’t seem to faze him, though. Each bite was bigger than his mouth should’ve been able to hold. Yet, there he was, bite after bite. Unhinging that jaw with strangely sharp teeth. Was that an old person thing? If you keep all your teeth longer than you’re supposed to, do they naturally sharpen? No wonder most resort to dentures. And with bites like those, he wouldn’t be far away from them. Who eats flapjacks in a white suit anyway? Maybe he has a business meeting or a reverse funeral to attend later. But syrup on white? That’s a cause for concern. Maybe the man’s rich? Maybe he couldn’t care less whether or not he got a gob of syrup on his bone white suit because he could simply go buy a replacement. That must be it. He’s so wealthy he can go to a diner and eat a heaping stack of pancakes doused in syrup in his best suit whenever he damn well pleases. What a way to live.

Satisfied with your newly invented backstory for the mysterious man at the counter, you went on to finish your breakfast with being aware that he had turned his attention to you. His full undivided attention (which unnerved you because who can do that these days?) was focused on you. This wasn’t the first time someone had locked eyes with you. You knew the drill. Either look away immediately as if it never happened, or keep the stare for a few seconds longer if she’s cute. He wasn’t cute, though, nor could you look away. His stare was cold, a peering chill that pierced right through you, hooked you, and held you in place. His blank expression was a hypnotic leash that you couldn’t tear away from, no matter how uncomfortable you were.

Thank God for the waitress. “You done, sweetie?”

“Oh! I’m sorry, what?”

“Are you done? Need a refill?”

“No, no I’m fine. Just the check, please.”

“You got it, honey.”

For a moment you stared at the counter left empty by the waitress, afraid to look back up in the suit’s direction. Curiosity got the better of you, as it always does. How relieved you were to find he was gone. The day could go on as planned, and the entire debacle would be willfully purged from your mind.

Twenty years ago you are relieved that you don't see the man in the white suit anymore. He has been gone for twenty years so maybe he went to go somewhere else to eat. Then, when you are in the hospice room. The man in the white suit is standing in the doorway.

The man that left you twenty years ago is now back for more. You knew he would come back sooner or later. He can't leave you. He knew your day would come sooner or later. Didn't you know that before he did.

You don’t wonder about the man in the white suit anymore, because he’s right there. Standing in the doorway of the hospice room you now occupy, he gives you that same look he did forty-three years ago. Which was the last time he was here at a hospital for a loved one. Only now there are no questions, no made-up backstories. In all your people watching you never once stopped to consider that you might be the people he’d been watching. That we’re all being watched. When he looked at you all those years ago he saw this very moment. You can see it in his eyes. Stark black eyes that contrast the unstained, bone-white suit.

The old hotel By: Madison Schneckenberger

You are taking a vacation and you decided to drive. You pull into this old parking lot that is cheap and you think it is an ordinary hotel, so you stay in an old hotel that has been around for hundreds of years. If you stay in room 6, you will find yourself in an unknown place, where exactly at 12:16 AM the power will go out and you'll be thrust in utter darkness. If you choose to stay awake, nothing will happen beyond that. If you do so much as close your eyes and fall asleep, you will find yourself in an unimaginable pit of despair, where their is no escape of what lurks In the dark. Creatures of fathomless shapes and sizes roam. These horrifying creatures were red and half human half animal. The creatures had wax machines that if they didn't like you they made you a wax figurine for their collection of people.

You will be trapped there for hours in complete horror, until the sun comes up you will be tortured by everyone of your terrifying fears. It is rumored that this room is the gateway to hell, and that demons use the condensed evil of the room until you open your eyes at the peak of dawn to escape into our reality through our minds.

My mother was raised in a very strict Protestant home; She had seven brothers and sisters. As all families did back then, my mother was required to attend church three times a week. My grandfather was a very religious man. He would go to church every day. He would never cuss on a Sunday or lie.

One Sunday, my aunt Janet asked permission to attend a catholic church with a friend that she spent the night. Although my grandfather did not agree, my grandmother gave her permission, figuring it would give her a little more insight into God.

My aunt attended mass with her friend, while she was there she saw the floating candles that the church lights to honor the dead. As you may be able to guess, she took one and brought it home with her. She lit the candle and put it on the vanity table near the window in the room she shared with my mother.

My grandmother called my mom Jessica, my uncle Bobby , my aunt Janet, and I down for Sunday dinner. Apparently the wind had blown the curtains and the candle had caught them on fire. The fire was horrific, it destroyed all of our memories we had in a box of the children when they were growing up, our wedding photos, baby book albums, wedding vow, it destroyed the room.

My grandfather, being the man, he made everyone to paint walls, hang new curtains, and replace the window in that room that very day. At the end of the day there was only one thing left to be done which was to replace the window in the room, but that could not be done until the following day since everything was closed on Sunday.

My mother and her sisters had pushed their beds together that night and made one big bed so they could be away from the window that was broken. The moon was full so they could see fairly well in the dark. At around 3:00 AM, my mother awoke to a snarling sound coming from somewhere in her room. She felt paralyzed. As she started to open her eyes, she could see this huge black gargoyle looking like creature standing at the end of her bed with evil red eyes staring at her. She could see his snarling teeth, she could feel the heat of his breath on her skin. She was so terrified she could not move. She said it looked at her. The expression on the creatures faces read, "I know you can see me."

She laid there the rest of the night, staring at this thing at the end of her bed until sunrise. As the sun started to come up, it flew out of the open window. My mother jumped out of bed and as she did, she noticed these strange hoof prints made out of soot on the floor where they Thoth they cleaned up. As she walked from her room, there were more in the hall going towards her brother’s room. She was too frightened to say anything to her family afraid they would say she was crazy.

Five years later, Jessica the mom had told her family about the gargoyle they was at the side of her bed that night. They didn't believe her so she told all of her relatives until she thought maybe she could find someone to believe her. No one believed her not even her own children. They all thought she was seeing things so they decided it was best for her to go get some help. They all drove her up to Chicago to an insane asylum where she could go get some help and return home eventually.

Ten years later, Jessica's family went up to Chicago to go back and see if she was able to come home with us. The nurse told us to wait her while she went to go get her from her room. We fill out the paperwork to release her. The whole family was so happy to see jessica. That night we went out to dinner to celebrate her coming back home feeling better. We went back to bed that night and haven't heard of the creepy gargoyle yet so hopefully it was just her imagination.

Twenty years later, we had a family reunion with all my relatives. Someone mentioned the fire that had taken place and everyone started to discuss it.

My Aunt Linda says, "Did you guys see what I saw that night?"

and the look on my mom and Aunt Janet's face said it all.

My Uncle Bobby said he thought it was just a dream, but apparently not. He thought it might be the candles because they were there for all the people that died and they took one of them from their church. It is a lesson to be learned that if you steal candles from the catholic church that are meant for the honoring of the dead it is a sin and you just may get a visit from the devil. By the way, three days later, my grandmother all of a sudden died from a heart attack. My cousin went to go talk to her and she just passed out in front of all of us. She overdosed on her pills that she was talking for a heart condition she never told anyone about because she didn't want them to know or worry about her. She had no previous history of heart disease or problems. She was 65 yrs old. It has made my family realize that there is a heaven and hell and what you do comes back to you.

A date night murder mystery By: Madison Schneckenberger

Yasmine is in her twenties looking for a guy. She found a website and she made her own profile so she could find the guy of her dreams. About twenty minutes later, she matched with a guy named Michael Myers. He was tall, handsome, and about twenty three. Everyday for the past two months they have been chatting via text message. Yasmine has never met Michael in person because she's afraid he will pretend being not himself to her. Her best friend, Dustin has always had her back, so she thought about bringing him along with her. Dustin came to pick Yasmine up around 5 o'clock p.m. Dustin drove Yasmine downtown to a “bar and grill” and waited there until Michael got there. Michael showed up at 6 o'clock when their reservation was for. Yasmine went to go talk to Dustin in private to tell him that “He looks like his profile so I'm fine now you can go, if I need help I will call you.”

“Ok.”Dustin said.

“Thanks, bye bye.” Yasmine yelled as he walked away.

Yasmine and Michael sat at a booth in the back of the restaurant. They decided to start off with some happy hour drinks. After that, they just ordered some water also. They started off with some onion ring appetizers and then had some mozzarella sticks as well. Michael ordered a ribeye steak with baked potatoes and French fries. Yasmine ordered spicy buffalo chicken wraps with a baked potato, French fries and ranch dipping sauce.

The waitress brought out Yasmine's and Michael's food. When Shelly brought out their food she took back the appetizer plates. Yasmine and Michael enjoyed their food and talked more about where they worked and what they do for a living.

Yasmine asked “Michael, where do you work and what do you do there?”

Michael responded, “I work at a haunted house for a part time job. My full time job is working at a County Jail facility where I bring new inmates to their cells. Where do you work?”

“I work at a school teaching kindergarteners and second graders. My part time job is working at La Mesa, waiting tables to get some extra money.” Spoke Yasmine.

“Oh, sounds fun. We both have two jobs and work at fun places.”

“Yep.” Michael thought.

Shelly the waitress came over and asked. “Do you and your date want some dessert to top of the night.”

Michael told the waitress, “Sure, we'll take the most popular dessert you sell.”

“Coming right up.”

After dessert Michael kindly offered to take Yasmine home so she didn't have to call someone at 11 o'clock at night to come pick her up. Yasmine hopped into the passenger side of Michael's Lamborghini.

Michael asked Yasmine. “ What's your address so I can take you home?

“My address is 3417 North 106th plz # 1014.” Yasmine said.

Michael now knowing Yasmine's address sped out of the parking lot to go take her home. Her parents were asleep but luckily she had a key to get into her apartment since her parents were in town. As soon as Yasmine got inside the house, she locked the door, went to her bedroom, and passed out on her bed. That morning Yasmine woke up with a hangover.

It was around three o'clock when Yasmine got up and started puking everywhere. Yasmine was hunched over the toilet when her parents got up and walked into the bathroom where she was.

“Yasmine what happened to you last night?” Asked her parents.

Yasmine said quietly. “I was out on a date with a guy I met on a dating website and we a went to a bar and grill. Before we ate food we had happy hour drinks and I got drunk.”

“We're in town for a day and you are already drunk from one night out on the town with this Michael guy?”

“I'm sorry mom, I didn't know I drank so much last night. It was our first date anyway, so at least we had fun last night.”

“ Well the fun ended, it's morning! You are in trouble and cannot leave this apartment until you spend time with your parents until we leave.”

“But mom, I have another date tonight with Michael. He is taking me to go see a movie.”

“Well you can tell him he can wait until your parents have left.”

“Fine, I'll call him later and cancel.”


Her mom and dad left the house that night to go to the store in the meantime, while they were gone she snuck out of the apartment so she could go to that movie date. She had my bedroom door locked and her window opened so she could sneak back inside my house like I never left. Michael came to pick her up he and Yasmine went to the majestic movie theatre to see Friday the thirteenth. After the movie, Michael decided to take her back to his place so she couldn't see her parents anymore. Yasmine arrived at Michael's place and they sat in the living room to watch another movie. The next movie they decided to watch the six parts to Jason. After the movie was over, it was midnight. Michael showed Yasmine the guest bedroom and Michael slept across the hall. Once Yasmine was asleep, Michael drugged Yasmine with chloroform and dragged Yasmine downstairs and tied her up to a chair. Michael went back upstairs to sleep until the next morning.

It was about 8 o'clock in the morning and Michael woke up to the screaming and yelling of Yasmine. Michael got up and went downstairs to see what all the fussing and whining was about in the basement. Michael took off her blindfold and the duck tape off her mouth.

Yasmine yelled, "Why am I here? What do you want from me!"

Michael said, " I want you dead. That is all I want from you.”

“What did I ever do to you” Yasmine asked.

“You killed my family because of your horrific driving.”

“How am I supposed to believe that they were yours?”

“I was in the car when it happened. Ever since that day I have been out for revenge for that person that killed my family.”

“Well even if I did kill your family someone is gonna come find me with the cops.”

“We will see about that.” Michael smiled.

Dustin went over to Yasmine's house to see how her date went the other night. He decided to knock but the door was already opened so he let himself in. He noticed that Yasmine and her parents weren't here Yasmine was gone. He figured that Yasmine was at her boyfriend's house. He rushed over to his house as soon as possible because he thought something wasn't right.

Michael said, “If Dustin comes you will be dead before he gets here so I can finally get the revenge I deserve”.

Yasmine said. “We will see about that”.

Dustin pulled up into the driveway. He walked in through the unlocked front door. Dustin thought “If someone was to hide a stolen girl where would they hide them? The basement! That's right.” Dustin went through the house to the basement yelling “Yasmine, are you here somewhere!” Since Michael heard Dustin come downstairs, all you could here was Boom! Bam! Splash! Yasmine’s blood and guts went all over everything and Dustin.

Dustin sobbed, “I’m so sorry, I didn’t come sooner to save you from this murderer. It’s all my fault that you died.”

Michael threatened. “ Since you saw me kill someone and I don’t wanna go to Jail, I am gonna have to kill you too.”

Dustin said, “ You can kill me, but my wife knows where I am and you will go to jail,”

“ Oh, no I won’t.” Bam! splat! And that’s the last we heard from Dustin”. Said Michael.

Five years later, after Dustin’s wife found where he was and brought the cops with her, they finally locked up Michael Myers. Dustin and Yasmine had a funeral with friends and family. Dustin’s wife went to to go live with family in Orlando, Florida.

A normal family vacation By: Madison Schneckenberger

Beep beep, my alarm clock goes off at 6:00 a.m. Dad, my uncle Donnie, my half sister izzy and I got up early and packed for our vacation. We packed the car with our luggage. Ding dong, we rang the doorbell and went to go get our cousins and we were on our way to Arizona. We drove through Kansas, Oklahoma,

and stayed in Texas overnight at a hotel. We got up in the morning drove through New Mexico and arrived in green valley, Arizona. We got to our grandpa's house and loaded the car. After we got everything inside the house and settled, we all went out to eat for dinner. When we got back we watched the movie Maleficent. After the movie, we all went to bed. Christian, Izzy, dad and I slept in one room. My cousins Sophie, Sabrina, and my aunt Amie slept in one room. My uncle Donnie slept on the chair and my grandpa slept on the couch.

The first day of our vacation has begun. In the morning everyone got ready while I ate breakfast. While everyone else was eating breakfast I decided to get ready in peace. I decided that we should go bike riding before it got too hot outside. My grandpa owns a lot of bikes, so we biked around the neighborhood a couple of times then we came back to the house. We all ate lunch and headed to the Phoenix zoo. It was amazing, it was like our zoo in Omaha but with some different animals. I saw giant tortoises, giraffes, and elephants. We walked around the whole zoo then went home to go out for dinner.

Dad said, “What do you all want for dinner?”

All of us shouted,”Mexican food!”

“Ok. Go get your shoes on and we will go.”


We all packed in the car and went to dinner. After dinner we all came home, took showers and hopped into bed.

The second day of our vacation here was on thanksgiving. We started out with something fun by going to the rock mines. We went to the rock mines with a four wheeler to go collect some rocks for our grandpa's backyard. We decided to walk through one part so we had to go under barbed wire, over tree logs, and through a dark tunnel underneath a highway. It was dreadful, but we managed to get home home safe and sound with everybody. After that experience, we decided to go swimming because my grandpa has a pool pass at the Green Valley swimming pool. I drove the four by four there with my cousins. We were playing Marco Polo, swimming laps, sharks in menos, and handstand contests. By the time I drove home it was about dinner time. We have already ordered thanksgiving dinner from the local grocery store and they delivered it right to our door. We all sat at the dinner table and enjoyed our delightful meal.

The last day of our vacation, we were sad to leave, so we decided to do something fun on our last day here to create memories. We went to go drive through The Grand Canyon National Park. Before we went, we stopped inside to go look at the gift shop and take some photos. Driving through the park was amazing, It was like nothing I have ever seen before. Half way through, we stopped and sat outside. From where we were standing you could see a rock shaped like a turtle on the highest rock in the sky. We were there for several hours. To top off our last night before we left, we drove to Tucson Arizona to go visit some little shops down here. Everything in them was amazing from art work, handmade objects , to quilts and blankets. The very last place we stopped before home, was a small ice cream shop to get us ice cream for the road. When we got home, we started packing the car with all of our crap and luggage we brought with us. We said, “goodbye” to grandpa. We were on our way to a long journey home.

All in all, when we got there it was early in the morning. We dropped off our cousins and headed home to drop our stuff off and fell asleep. We had so much fun. but we were so tired and didn't want to go back to school the next day. Hopefully we can go back to visit my grandpa next time to have some more fun and make more memories.

Forbidden Desires

By: Madison Schneckenberger

On a dark and stormy night , in a village for away, there was a boy named Hansel. Hansel does wood cutting for his dad each morning for firewood to keep warm during the winter. Hansel had a sister named Gretel. Gretel did laundry, dishes, and chores around the house. Since their mom died after she had Hansel and Gretel, their dad remarried and they had a stepmom that made every meal.

Hansel was 14 and looked like a toothpick, but he could still pick up lumber logs. Gretel was seven, never the blame for anything and always making everyone else happy besides herself. The children wouldn't talk back, Hansel and Gretel would just do what they were told to, while their parents were not ordinary people they wouldn't let their children just be kids. They would hit the children, curse at them, and treat them as their slaves. Their father would make Hansel do his woodcutting for him without giving them anything more than the food and water they needed to stay alive.

Next, their stepmother and father had wicked plans for Gretel when she became of age. On a summer night around 10:00, Hansel heard his parents discussing their plans for Gretel and Hansel knew he had to save his sister. The plans were that they were going to send her away to a deserted island and kill her there so no one else could hear her scream. Hansel and Gretel took a walk through the woods to do the woodcutting for their dad. The next time their father took them out into the woods, Hansel and Gretel's father kept small crusts of bread that was their dinner in his pocket.

Most of the time, when their father led them into the woods Hansel and Gretel would leave a trail of pebbles to find their way home. This time after hearing the wicked plans that Hansel's stepmother and dad for Gretel when she turned of age. Hansel left a trail of breadcrumbs knowing the birds would eat them up so that way his sister wouldn't know they were trying not to get back home.

Father says, “Children, you better have this work done before dark and be home by bedtime!”

Hansels father slapped him across the face and he fell to the ground. When Hansel fell to the ground, he turned around and his father was gone. Hansel pretended to be as shocked as his sister was when finding that the trail of crumbs Hansel had left was gone after their father had already left. .

Gretel said, “Hansel which way do we go at this moment?”

Hansel said “Don't worry Gretel. I'm sure we can find our way back home.”

“But Hansel I'm cold, tired and hungry,”cried his sister.

“Come on Gretel, we’ll just have to search for food and water.”

They went in search of these things and saw a strange house that or was to be made out of vegetables. They started munching on carrots that framed the window and the spinach that made up the lawn around the house. All of a sudden, an old woman opened the door and peered out at them.

Old women said, “Oh… hello children. Come in, come in, you look so hungry.”

Gretel said, “Oh thank you ma'am!”

Hansel thought, “This place couldn't been any worse from where they came from.“Thank you.”

The children devoured all the nutritious food the old woman offered them.

The Old woman said, “Where is your father or mother?”

Hansel replied “We left him because he was abusive to us.”

“Oh, I see, now why you are lost into the woods. Well you are safe with me now,”explained the witch.

“Thank you, Hansel spoke”

The witch was so nice, she taught Hansel how to hunt. She also taught Gretel how to garden so she could be a good housewife for when the time came. Gretel knew that the life she lived before was a life of loss.

A month later, after an exhaustive search, the father once in for all found his children. He went in to go save his children, but of course his idea of rescuing was to keep them as his slaves.

Gretel heated the oven to make dinner for Hansel and the old lady. Their father came to the door, Hansel and Gretel opened it.

Father said, “Hurry and return home children, I'll stall the old woman.”

Hansel knew it was a trick, so he threw him into the heated oven. They left him to cook for several hours while they worked together to prepare a delightful meal. As they feasted on his flesh, Hansel and Gretel lived in their happiness. They were forever part of a family. They lived with the old woman and lived happily ever after.

Self reflection

My writting has changed throughout the semester by making my pieces better and improving them throughout. At the beggining of the semester my writting wasn't as good as it is now that I have had people edit my stories and made comments to how I can change my story to make it better before I had published it. I think there is room. In my writting to improve on in showing rather than telling the audience what is all happening and what the y look like and how people felt. I think one thing I struggle with writting is telling the reader too much information about my story and not showing enough detail. My future goals in life as a wittier would be hopefully keep writing stories and publish them someday for everyone to read and enjoy.

I decided to put my mystery man story first. I chose to put this story first because it was one of my good pieces I did out of the other ones and I figured we should start off with a good horror piece to get my collection of stories going. It's a fun story to start of with because it makes you think. I decided to put my forbidden desires piece last because it was an amazing piece I did. I wanted the end for the reader to be a surprise. It was a twist on a classic fairytale and I wanted the reader to be surprised and shocked at the end.

Mystery Man

I chose to write this piece because it was a horror story and something I love to watch. This piece when I wrote it makes you think if you really do every wonder about the man in the white suit. My goals for this piece was to make people wonder and think. Also, to be more descriptive and have better dialogue into my story. I believe I achieved the goals I set for this piece of writting I wrote. This piece has changed from the first to the final by adding detail to the story of one paragraph to make sense why he was at the hospital fourty three years ago. I incorporated revision suggestions by being more specific on where he was sitting and adding a paragraph why he was at the hospital fourty three years ago. There were some suggestion I didn't take like don't use you in your story. I Ignored that because I was writting from the persons perspective. I felt pretty good about the end product I made and published. This piece might improve by me writting more and adding to the story if I continued working on it.

Forbidden desires

I chose to write this piece because we had to pick a fairy tale. But I thought it would be fun to twist Hansel and Gretel. My goals for this story were to be descriptive, have good dialogue, and be creepy. I achieved all three of these goals very well. This piece has changed from the first to the final by instead of telling hansel was strong and exc. I showed he was. I incorporated revisions by doing more showing then telling. I also got rid of information people thought that I didn't need their. I feel great about the end product I produced. It was amazing seeing people that have read my story and liked the published final. This piece might improved if I keep working on it by adding more details about the father and the children's mother when she passed away.

A date night murder mystery

I chose this piece of writting because I like horror movies and I watch of date night murder kinda shows. My goals for this piece were to scare the audience that reads it and hopefully attract people that like horror movies and books. I achieved my goals very well. This piece has changed from the first draft to the final by getting rid of information that I don't need. I have incorporated revisions by being more specific on some parts and adding more detail where it needs. Getting rid of un needed Information that didn't fit some places. I feel happy about the end product of this story. If I could continue working on this story it would improve by taking. Less details out and tell the readers just enough about my story.

Created By
Madison Schneckenberger


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