Cronus Coby Armstrong

Character Traits

  1. Paranoid (I think he is paranoid, because he felt like he was threatened by his kids so he ate them)
  2. Controlling (Hes pretty controlling, because his wife let him eat there kids)
  3. Ambitious ( He is continuously going to war)


A myth about Cronus is he was married to his sister. She was a Greek Goddess named Rhea. Cronus was believed to eat his own children. They say he ate them one by one when they were born. They believe he did this because he felt his power was at risk by his kid taking over. there was one kid he did not eat and that was Zeus. And the reason he was not eaten was because Rhea his mother was determined to save him from his father. I think this myth shows how determined Rhea was to save her sixth and last child from Cronus i think this shows motherly love.


I think this myth shows motherly love, this shows motherly love, because it shows how determined Rhea, which is Cronus wife was to save Zeus there last son.

This is a statue of Cronus. I chose this picture, because all the others are pretty graphic. This one is still a good photo, because it shows his beard and long hair.


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