Pediatrician "Time spent playing with children is never wasted." -Dawn lantero

Daily Tasks: administering vaccinations, treating illnesses, performing wellness checkups, making hospital rounds, checking test results, writing prescriptions.

Work Schedule: average of 50 hours per week. Also may take 1/2 or full day off a week.

Salary: starting salary is around 135,000, overall the average is about 175,000.

Education needed: They will need a Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) Four years of medical school and 3-8 years of internships and residences.

Work Skills Necessary: Good communication, teamwork, problem solving, initiative, learning, planning, etc.

Work Environment: They work with other Doctors and nurses. They will interact with children and their parents. Most pediatricians work in a hospital or family clinic setting.

Issues/problems: Children who are uncooperative, disrespectful parents, stress, sassy co-workers.

Benefits: High pay, flexible career options, vacation time and sick pay.

How do they help children/ families: By making sure the child is at its healthiest point. They also ensure the families that everything will okay and the child is in the best hands possible.


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