Persuasive text By michael

Which team should you go for when the new Marvel movie 'Avengers Infinity War' comes out. I recommend out of team IronMan and team Captain America, team IronMan because they are trying to make peace. You should not go for team Captain America team because they are hiding a fugitive. There are 3 main reasons why IronMan wants to arrest Bukey the fugitive. One of them is because Bukey has killed lots of people including the King of Waconda black panthers dad who also wants to kill him. Also he killed IronMans parents. Later he stole products worth millions of dollars.

Firstly as I briefly stated in the in the introduction he has killed the King of Waconda who is also black panthers dad, which is the main reason why black panther wants to kill him. I can certainly understand why he would want to kill him. It happened while he was in a building making a speech. He planted the bomb in a news truck to camouflage it, and then Bukey set if off.

Secondly he murdered IronMans parents and made everyone believe they died in a car crash. It was not till later that IronMan saw on a cctv camera that a was recovered and played to him years later that he saw what really happened to his parents. I don't know about you but if someone killed my parents and I had a way to catch him I would do it.

Lastly he stole products worth millions of dollars which makes him a fugitive any way. The government personally asked IronMan to find him and bring him to justice. The government also wants Captain America to be arrested too for hiding a fugitive even if Bukey is his friend.

So in conclusion I think you you should go for team IronMan because he is just doing is job that the president asked him to arrest a fugitive and also to avenge his parents, the King of Waconda, all the innocent people he killed and get back all of the million dollar products he stole. So which team are you on, are you with me or against me.

Thank you

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