Intro to Art Portfolio ARt by Aaliyah flores-pliego

I took art because I love to draw, explore my creativity, and see what I can do with my hands. I was expeting that art would be really easy but I was completely wrong. I was also expecting to do really easy artpieces because it is intro to art. Some of the artpieces that I did were a bit of a challenge. I was expecting to learn about really easy things, not about artist and their life or face proportions.

Edges and Contours


Realationship and Proportions

Lights and Shadows (value)

The drawing strategy I learned the most from was light and shadows. I learned so much about them, before I learned about lights and shadows I didn't even realize the shadows when I use to draw something. I learned that there's a vale between light and shadows, and that they can make you art piece look more realistic, because in real life there is shadows so that's why it makes it looks more realistic. The shadows can also give the objects texture.

Through these examples you can see that I have improved. At the beginning of trying to draw my hand you can see that I didn't have any shadows because I didn't know anything about shadows, but on my 2nd drawing you can see that I have shadows and that it looks more realistic, because of the shadows

Taking art has improved my drawing skills so much. At the beginning of the year, trying to draw my face I didn't even know about shadows or face proportions, or highlight. On my 2nd drawing trying to draw my face, my drawing was a little bit more succesful at looking at me. I found out that your eyes are always in the middle of your face never on your forehead. You can see that on my 1st drawing that my nose didn't even look realistic, but you can see that on my second drawing that I improved so much because of face proportions and shadows. I was so proud of my 3rd drawing because of how realistic it looks like. I never knew that I could ever draw like this.

Chiaroscuro is a contrast of light and dark to give the illusion of space. A great example is this art piece. You can see that the shadows made my face look realistic, and it gave you the illusion of space

This is the project that I wished that I could do a re-do because I didn't get to finish and my shadows don't look right on some of the objects. I also wished that I could re-do this because at that time I was a little bit confused about the shadows and the value, but know that I know I think I would do a good job if I did it over. I also feel if I did it over I would make it more realistic. Because I know more about shadows and value.

These are my top two. I've seen the most imporovement on the fist one because my shadows and my face porportioins look awesome, it looks awesome because it looks realistic my artpiece looks sort of like me because I learned how to use shadows and face proportions. My 2nd piece is my other top artpieces because I drew the negative space really well. Seeing that I could do this has made me think different about myself. It has made me think that I can be an artist because I know how to make things how I want them to look like.

The project that I learned the most from semester 2 was the trivets. I learned that if you don’t wedged the clay, the clay will explode in the kiln because when you are wedging your are getting all the air bubbles out. Since I wedged the clay my trivet did not explode. I also learned that the legs have to be the same size or else your trivet would wobble when its standing. Its sort of hard for me to be exact with the legs of the trivet, mine did not turned out to be that exact because mine wobbled.

What I learned about color theory is that with 3 colors you can make 9 colors, and those 3 colors are the primary colors blue, red, and yellow. I also learned that colors next to each other can make graduations. I also learned that you don’t want to mix colors across from each other because it will make a poop color, but you can mix colors across form each other if you are trying to make a tone out of a color, but you have to mix a certain amount to get a tone or else you will get a poopy color.

One technique that I felt that I was able to master was making gradations with oil pastels using the stick blending method. At first I thought I wasn’t doing it right because I thought with oil pastels It was suppose to be more smooth and have a nice transition, but actually I was doing it right the whole entire time I found that out after my teacher said that I was doing it right. The technique that I wasn't able to master is the tempera painting. I was horrible at making gradations with paint, and after I was done my artwork didn’t look realistic at all. I think I’m better at making gradations with oil pastels, and not with tempera paint.

Through this art class I found my self being better at designing and doing abstract stuff rather than drawing some thing realistically. I feel that I’m really good at adding harmony to pieces when we are building something. I think I’m better at building and designing because I enjoy it and it is easier for me. I struggle more with drawing. I think one of the reasons I struggle with drawing is because you have to take your time to be exact and you have to have patience, and drawing with pencil is sort of boring, there’s no color to make it fun, and I look to do things on my own time.

As an artist I discovered that I really like to work with colors that are blue or look similar to blue. I found that Im not really good with paint, and making gradations. I also found that I’m better at making abstract things. I thought I was really good at drawing but this year I realized that I wasn’t good. I realized as an artist that what ever I make it is art, because anything can be art.

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