Building a Better Bridge of Hope The Campaign for Judson

Building A Better Bridge: The Campaign for Judson seeks support to educate future leaders, expand educational access, and establish frameworks that drive academic growth of students to seize the opportunities of the future.

Students first. Access to quality foundational education is unequally distributed throughout our wealthy country, and the divide between the haves and have-nots is distinctly pronounced in Pasadena, California an affluent suburb of the San Gabriel Valley in Los Angeles County. Here the availability of private education is not in short supply, however for foster and marginalized groups, the issue is one of access.

According to Lucile Packard Foundation for Children's Health, blacks and Hispanics only make up 43% of the Pasadena population; however, this group makes close to 75% of Pasadena Unified School District students. Their white and Asian counterparts at 69% of the total population only make up approximately 22% of the PUSD student body. Ed-Data notes that 69.4% of PUSD students are low-income, English-learners, and foster youth. Additionally, according to the California Longitudinal Pupil Achievement Data System (CALPADS), only 40.9% of Pasadena Unified School District 12-grade graduates met the requirements required for UC/CSU entrance.

"Private school students are more likely than public school students to complete a bachelor's or advanced degree by their mid-20s." - US Department of Education, entitled Private Schools: A Brief Portrait

There is no denying that all children in America have access to education, however, a disproportionate number of impoverished children living in California have been relegated to less than quality K-12 education. We can help.

Judson’s mission calls for our school to stand at the forefront as a partner to parents in educating children who will grow in knowledge, understanding and wisdom to become leaders in God's Kingdom and today's world. Fortunately, vision and capacity – transformation’s building blocks – are abundant here.

Building a Better Bridge of Hope: The Campaign for Judson seeks to expand support for our academic program to provide students at risk of educational failure in Pasadena with more options and, ultimately, more hope. Prevention. Possibilities. Hope.

Extend the bridge.

Competition is an essential part of the JIS experience for our sports athletes, who dedicate long hours to practice and competition. They deserve to study and play in outstanding facilities. To achieve their goals, they also need student care and support.

As we climb from impact to excellence, we will secure Judson’s position as an outstanding educational facility and build a better bridge of access for all children. We have earned the highest credentials in teaching, accreditation, and service. Our attentiveness to excellent academics has helped our graduating students gain entry to the high schools and colleges of their choice.

We have achieved this as a private school that provides access to students of all incomes and backgrounds. As institutional funding declines, this achievement is at risk. To answer that challenge, we must not simply sustain the status quo of support for the school – we must elevate it to new heights.

Why now? Because our work cannot wait. Because we have the strength to do it. And because the future of the children of our community and around the world may very well ride on the outcome. Help us transform. Help us rise. Help us bridge the gap.

Whether the singing chorale on the lit stage at Paz Naz. The soaring Eagles on the field. The compassionate scholar serving the skidrow homeless. The eager new faces at family night. The young scientist at their first overnight science camp. The breadth of possible experiences outside the classroom separates Judson from the crowd. These activities create bonds and foster a sense of community.

Art, performances, sports, and fieldtrips do not make a school, but they help make a school great. Transcending the classroom, these experiences and connections enlighten the senses and feed the soul. They influence personal development and provide a lifetime link to the school. And they deserve private support.

The International Christian Curriculum facilitates student and faculty collaboration and is enriched by Socratic discourse. The history-based curriculum created by research conducted by Frontier Ventures and William Carey International University place Judson in an exceptional position of creating future leaders who can navigate the cultural pitfalls of the global marketplace.

Judson’s commitment to strengthen self-efficacy in students is unwavering. With the help of generous benefactors, it serves as a critical step in helping students define their giftedness and their place in the world. The uniqueness of our project is that we do not cherry-pick the best or brightest students for our scholarships. Many of our tuition assistance students have 1-3 risk factors that put them in jeopardy of educational failure.

Through qualified faculty that have served in ministry and missionary capacities across the globe, Judson serves as an ambassador and enriches the lives of children from all continents as well as those in our own backyard. The ambassador role also belongs to the JIS Associate Student Body, a model for students worldwide. Varied programs that involve ASB across the school, observed by visiting students and beyond help energize the Eagle spirit and tell our story of hope to families near and far.

Building a Better Bridge of Hope: The Campaign for Judson seeks to raise private funds for facilities, science, diversity, arts and outreach, which add immeasurably to the quality of life in Pasadena and far beyond. We also seek assistance for our athletes to compete, on the field and in the classroom. We solicit, in short, empowering support for a few of the important components that define the Eagle experience and make JIS nothing short of remarkable. Engage. Reach. Ascend. Extend the bridge.

We seeks to dramatically increase four-year renewable scholarships. Donor support for these initiatives is critical to ensure that promising students in our city have access to the excellence of a Judson education. Access. Opportunity. Transformation. Extend the bridge.

PREPARE TO SOAR. The founders, who embraced the education and nurturing of community children from their earliest years through post-graduate work, created The Core Values that undergird everything that happens at Judson. They understood the significance of their decision. As they intended, “a better bridge of hope” has served as both a physical description and an aspirational symbol of Judson for nearly 25 years. They have been embraced in the way teachers interact with students, the way they teach students to interact with others and to view themselves. The Core Values direct the transformational approach towards each child and indicate their value before God. Building a Better Bridge of Hope: The Campaign for Judson represents an unprecedented effort to realize the aspirations that guide our evolution.

We seek to secure a leading position in extending the bridge to our community and beyond. Intellectual inquiry at Judson has never been more robust. Still, it hungers for nourishment that begins with resources: for financial assistance to keep private education accessible to committed students, regardless of ability to pay … for modern facilities in which to teach, learn and discover … for research that promises innovations in academic discovery … for esteemed faculty who inspire generations of students … and, yes, for an educational experience that nurtures the Eagle tradition of character-based leadership, lifelong connections, and achievement. Whether you choose to support a campaign priority or an initiative of your own design, now is the time to affirm your belief in our vision. We ask, not for Judson in the abstract, but for all the faces you see in these pages, and countless more. The students. The faculty. The families of Pasadena and beyond. Reach with us.

Extend the bridge.

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