Canada 2041 By: nicole dancau

Introduction: Canada is a great country yet it still lacks some systems which are needed for the future. By 2041 Canada we will see major advances in our economy, population/ immigration, and resource use.

Unit 1 Population - Immigration Canada’s economy is very dependent on immigrants entering the country. Since Canada has taken in a huge amount of migrant workers and international students, the number of people living here on temporary visas has grown by the thousands in the last 15 years. Many would love to stay, but don’t get the chance to. Temporary Foreign Worker Program to how skilled immigrants get into the country. However this became an issue affecting not just workers themselves but also families, employers, and communities who had established economic and social connections. Most don't get the chance to permanently stay, so they work four years and leave the country. Another key concern for the Trudeau government is how to spread immigrants to small cities and more so rural areas that say they need more people. More than three quarters of newcomers land in just seven large cities.Once you become a permanent resident, you have a constitutional right to live wherever in Canada you want, so we have to find ways to ensure the immigrants go where they are most needed. But many small communities complain the immigration system does a poor job of supporting them. Immigration not only has a big impact on our economy but also our transportation, and housing. Placing immigrants in the middle of the city is not a good idea, it is much harder on them getting use to the life, and language.More the people the more busy.

Solution Immigration Minister John McCallum said that “there’s a significant feeling that Canada does need more immigrants, partly because we have an aging population, and so we need more young blood to keep our economies going.”The issue we need to deal with is creating higher quality employment in Canada and educate Canadian employers of the same values of someone's work experience from somewhere else. For those temporary foreign workers who do not have access, the government is going to further develop pathways to permanent residency so that the immigrants which are eligible are able to more fully contribute to Canadian society. Smart growth in our cities is much better as it saves space and it's easier for the immigrants. Increasing lanes on roadways and setting dedicated lanes for trucks would ensure faster movement. Finally Canada needs a system to spread immigrants to small cities and more rural areas where more jobs are needed. And we need to provide them with health resources and the common things needed in a livable community, in order to build sustainable life for Canada's future.

Unit 2 Physical Environment - Climate Climate change is already affecting ecosystems, economies and communities. Some regions will have more heat while others may cool slightly. Flooding, drought and extremely hot summers could be the result. Bad storms and other extreme weather events could also happen from the increased energy stored in our warming atmosphere.One of the most serious impacts of climate change is how it will affect water resources. Water is connected to other resource and social issues like food supply, health, industry, transportation and endangered ecosystems. The impacts of climate change are already being observed across Canada's diverse geographic regions. Canada's forests are expected to be among the most vulnerable in the world to climate change. Melting glaciers is another issue that climate change is taking control over on the Arctic ecosystem. Climate change also threatens the health of our children and grandchildren through increased disease, decreased freshwater, worsened smog etc. Now is the time to come thru with solutions.

Solution Increase price on carbon emissions nationwide. Investment in public transportation and other low carbon infrastructure. Strict energy efficiency standards for trucks,cars, buildings and consumer products. governments should act to limit global warming to less than 2ºC by taking action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.The sooner we act to reduce greenhouse gases, the less serious the impacts will be.

Unit 3 Resource + Industry - Waste Production The highest total of livestock related greenhouse gas emissions comes from the growing world which is responsible for 75% of the global emissions. The livestock industry affects the physical environment and consumes much energy and water. Feed crop production emissions. Emissions from animal digestion/ manure. Transportation emissions. Water pollution/ Water contamination can occurs from direct deposit of fecal material into waterways, pesticide and fertilizer application to feed crops and livestock processing. Groundwater contamination can be caused by leaching,following manure or fertilizer application to land, and leaking into manure storages.

Solution more sustainable agriculture practices. Reduction in meat consumption, to produce less greenhouse gas emission. Plant based animal diets. Renewable energy sources to power farm machines etc.

Unit 4 Livable communities - Energy & Water -Wastewater

Storm water. Pollution/climate change. Costs: the price of water has doubled in the past five years and will continue to rise. The more water efficient you are now, the more $ savings you will make over time

Solution New Drainage systems - new water treatment - Low carbon homes - Renewable energy/ solar panel communities- Decrease carbon footprint - Stormwater management -Irrigation (grey water) -Renewable Energy Technologies R&D Program The Small Hydro Technology Development Program is Renewable Energy Technology Program. Its objective is to promote the development of appropriate technology to make it more economical to develop a greater range of small and low hydroelectric resources. This Program suits the needs of the Canadian small hydroelectric industry, and brings together the expertise in industry, universities and other relevant government programs. The Program is now concentrating on tools and techniques for reducing equipment and construction costs.

Canadians have spoken. You want a government with a vision and an agenda for this country that is positive and ambitious and hopeful. I promise you that I will lead that government. – Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada


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