Panther Programmers (Hay)

Panther Programmers (Hay) Team Members: Jayden, Bella, Wesley, Aiden

Introducing The Panther Programmers (Hayshire)

Session 1: February 7th

Today's Goal: Use logic and create something that would make the ball go into the cup. Wesley: I was nervous whether the thing I made would work or not work. I decided to break it and create something else. I worked with Jayden when he needed help getting his design to work. Bella: I was nervous my creation would not work. I am trying to design a slide for the ball and the legs I would use them for the headphones on Dash and I would attach a LEGO so they would stay on. Aiden: Today I was scared I was not going to make something. I needed to find a way for the ball to get from the back of the LEGO piece to the front out the hole. I want to try it. Jayden: Today I was kinda happy because I used my imagination to build my creation for Dash to get the ball in the cup. I'm close and I think I'll make it in two or three days. We all tried something different because you never know. One or two plans just might work.

Setting Up Challenge
Checking Materials

Session 2: February 9th

Goal: Program our robot and debug the program so the robot wouldn't get off track (Wesley, Jayden). Finish making our LEGO slide and starting to work to get the ball in the cup (Bella). Trying to keep the LEGOs on the earphones and trying to make the balls fall into the cup (Aiden).

Bella: Aiden, he created a program for Dash. Then I used my slide design for the ball. The ball went in the cup. Aiden: I was frustrated, but the program I made helped Bella complete hers. Wesley: My goal was to make both of the teachers scream at the top of their lungs because Jayden and I got a ball into the cup. We made it at least twice. Jayden: I was a little mad at first because my creation broke because it was different than last time. We found out what the design was by looking at the picture.

Session 3: February 16th

Goal: See if we could get further in our program so the balls would get cups

Wesley & Jayden: I (Wesley)wanted to get the balls into the cup without disturbing Dot. I (Jayden) am still struggling with two balls. Right now they both go in the same cup. Bella: My biggest struggle was the balls wouldn't go in the cup with our design. We (Aiden and I) took Jayden and Wesley's design and we programmed their robot with our program and we got the balls in the cup.

Session 4: February 24th

Goal: Revise and edit things that do not work out so we can finish before the program has to be sent

Final Thoughts: Wesley: Believe in yourself. I thought we weren't going to get first place because this was the last night we could finish it and there were only two people on our team who could come. Bella: And we finished it.

Programming Lesson Learned: Wesley: Don't delete the whole program. Only delete one piece of the code at a time. Bella: You have to take everybody's ideas and try them out.

Sweet Success!

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