P.E.G. S / India By: emely beltran

Political : - Indian has a FERDERAL GOVERNMENT The Prime Minister is in charge of the executive branch. The prime minister is elected by the lower House of Parliament in India.

Economic : - India trades with countries like China, the US, Saudi Arabia &a more. - Their exports are stuff like engineering goods, gems, jewelry, agricultural products and textiles. -The major Indian imports were gold, diamonds and petroleum gas. Indias agriculture includes crops like rice & wheat, maple, potatoes, sugarcane, oilseeds, and non-food items as cotton, tea, coffee, rubber etc.

Geographic : India lies on the Indian plate. It is the SECOND largest country in the world. The four major geographic regions in India are the great Himalayan range, the Indo Gangetic Plain, the Desert regions, the Deccan Plateau and Peninsula.

Social : Indias major religion is mainly Hinduism & Buddhism . India has traditions like the Namaste, Festival Seasons & more! The education system is actually pretty poor. Not everyone gets to get an education in India. The gender roles in India are pretty specific. The mother is usually supposed to raise the children and do domestic works while the men provide a living financially.


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