LHS Faculty Notes Take a minute to learn something new

Things to Ponder over the summer: Khan academy, Gridpals to connect with other schools through video recordings; How to increase students collaboration, feedback from peers, etc.

Changes to Favorite tools: Today's Meet will be taken down in June; Dotstorming will only allow 1 board with standard account. New Padlet subscribers will only have 3 walls. Continuing users will have the ones previously created.

Learning Together Session 7: Wrap Up

Learning Together Session 6: Google Workflow for Teacher/Student March 15

VERSION HISTORY in Google Suite will allow teacher to see what revisions the student has made to document. Did he contribute to the group work? What improvements has she made to her writing?

Looking for ways to use Google Docs/Slides in your classroom?Whole class adds to Study Guide/Outline on Docs

Partner/Group Conversation to practice w.language

Group assignment related to text and partners have different sections to complete

Group Jigsaw activity for several texts

Partner/Group Provide feedback to peer’s writing/slides

Partners/whole class draw on top of photo to solve problem(math/science) or identify items on map/political cartoon then explain it in SLIDES or Doc.

Stop motion animation

Google Slides Caption activity

Comic strip with SLIDES

Happenings in the classroom

Latham is using Goose chase for students to complete activities. This one required them to listen to a short clip in Spanish and record their responses. In Flipgrid they recorded information about peers. Last they reflected on their learning with Padlet posts.

Classkick- to see student's thinking LIVE and be able to respond


Notice there is an audio recording made by the student related to poetry in Mrs. Donaldson's class.

Hajji's students were corresponding with GHS students about childhood memories.

Student reading what her GHS partner wrote in French and then explaining it in English.

Learning Together Session 5: Clips and Flipgrid February 8

Students video record their responses
It is a good time to try something new

Two websites for Challenging Math students: Expii has thematic problems or Would you rather... invites the student to explain which choice he/she thinks is better. Math pickle can be sorted by grade level.

Quizlet Live is fast paced game where students compete in groups.

Quizizz similar to Kahoot! however, each student sees the question/answer on each ipad.

Sketchnoting- to help your students make connections and find meaning

Interested in creating short Animations/Gifs for instruction? Check out these suggestions.

Creating COMICS in GOOGLE SLIDES- students can do this on their ipad

Learning Together Session 4: Breakout December 15

Fun teamwork by our teachers to solve the puzzles from the 80's! Are you interested? Ask Mrs. Donaldson, Ms. Houck, Ms. Pike, Mrs. Shrum, or Dr. Piazzola about their students' experience with breakoutedu.
Congratulations to Dr. Piazzola, Dr. Blackburn, Mrs. Wayt, Mrs. Dew, Mr. Klaus, Mr. Bradley, Ms. C. Anderson, and Mrs. Cannon for completing the BINGO challenge!

Highlights from Learning Together Session 3 on November 16: Students giving Students Feedback

"Students learn best from one another, and seeing another student's answers can often result in important 'light bulb' moments." The Google Infused Classroom, by Clark & Avrith

Teachers usually find that students do not give meaningful feedback but rather just mark what is wrong on peer's work. Here are some stems to lead students to better feedback.

Teacher modeling how to give feedback that feeds the learning forward.

Two platforms for students to give/receive feedback



Different formats in Padlet

Getting started in SeeSaw

Highlights from Learning Together Session 2 on October 31: Teacher giving students feedback on informal assessments

Is our feedback descriptive? Does it feed the learning forward for the student?

Digital Platforms: using Classkick, Schoology Rubric and comments, and Google Docs with Keep Google notes

Highlights from Learning Together Session 1 on October 12th and 13th :

Using Student Reflections to gather data. (Schoology and Padlet)

Prior to the summative, what are formal and informal opportunities teachers provide for students to reflect on how they are learning?

What does good reflection from a student look/sound like in your content area? What are they identifying?

Digital Platform: Schoology assignment, quiz, or discussions

Digital Platform: Padlet wall with Moderation(only teacher sees responses) or Padlet wall for postings to be shared

Let Amanda know if you want to talk about using reflections specifically with your students.

Newsela is ready

All students need to SIGN IN using the Google sign in ( NOT previous username/password)

*Most of your students should login and have all of their classes loaded.😄

*Some of your students will not have any classes loaded and will need to join with your CLASS CODE.

You may have 1 or 2 outliers that receive a message about their account.🤔 He/she needs to take a screen shot of the message and email me.

Literacy includes consuming, creating, collaborating, and communicating information. Here is an example of students finding textual evidence and sharing/demonstrating their learning via Google Docs.

Students giving feedback to students via Seesaw app.

How to check grades for students in your ILT classes


**Option: Create an assignment in your Schoology ILT class. Name it simply, such as September Check in. Have students take a screenshot of their Powerschool grades and upload it to the assignment. Then you can see who has turned it in, AND you can scroll from student to student easily.

**OPTION for keeping a conference log for your ILT students. Create a Google Form that makes it easy for you to document conversation with your students.

All the answers will populate on a spreadsheet with a date and time stamp.


Apple Classroom: to monitor student ipads.

Here are the requirements for Apple Classroom:

teacher ipad: IOS 10.3; the orange classroom app; Turn ON BLUETOOTH

student ipad: IOS some version of 10; 1.5 GB of AVAILABLE SPACE found in Settings>General; Turn ON BLUETOOTH

Click on AGENT app on student app to see if there is a compliance issue( most likely not enough available space). After the issue is resolved, click SYNC DEVICE.

Oral Accommodations on tests: Quicktime Player is easy to use and allows you to share the file via Schoology or Google Drive

Powerteacher PRO using the website; add it to your HOME SCREEN of your ipad so you can be versatile.

A+Grading> Scoresheet is where you will CREATE (Top right corner) your Assignments. Be sure you are on the correct Quarter.

Tip 9: Breakoutedu, Spark Page app, and Can you guess my 2-1-4?

Bring the buzz of an ESCAPE room into your classroom with BREAKOUTEDU. Students must interact with your clues in order to open 5 locks. This requires critical thinking and collaboration for students.

Mrs. Donaldson, Ms. Houck and Ms. Capers have used Breakoutedu with their students. Ask them how much critical thinking was involved.

Spark Page app- allows the students to create long, flowing, top-to-bottom pages that you easily scroll through. They can include images, videos and text, AND it produces a link to share to their stories. Here are few student samples from LHS.

Engage students' thinking: Can you guess my 2-1-4?

Great way to introduce a topic by showing the students 2 facts, 1 clue and 4 images.

Have students write their predictions and discuss with elbow partner.

Have students post their final prediction to the board. Then teacher can read aloud some of them before the big reveal.

Also a good strategy for students to demonstrate their learning by creating their own 2-1-4!

Tip 8: Thinglink, Picture annotations on ipad photos, and Choosito

Thinglink: a new app/website that allows students to upload images from their camera roll or type information in an appealing format rather than reverting to keynote. Also helpful for teachers when wanting a dynamic place to house files for students.

Annotate on photos in ipad camera roll:

1. Open the Photos app

2. Choose the screenshot you want to work on

3. Tap the image adjustment sliders in the top right-hand corner

4. Tap the circle with the three dots, bottom of screen.

5. Select Markup to access the annotation tools

There are a number of different digital tools that you can use to mark up your screenshots. They include:

• A pen tool (with options for pen colors and widths)

• A text tool (with options for font choice and size)

• A magnifier (which can be adjusted to different sizes)

This could be a great tool for students to take pictures during lab experiments or to capture images from handwritten notes, wall charts, or student writing. Then students can add labels or annotation to their own work before submitting to the teacher.

Choosito.com blog has free access to current lessons and articles such as FAKE NEWS and More than the Super Bowl. A subscription is not necessary; just search for PUBLIC COLLECTIONS... AND it tags the articles for the level of the readers

Tip 7: Quick look at Dotstorming, Quizizz, and Google Slides for tools in your classroom.

Dotstorming: This tool resembles Padlet where students can post text or pictures to the board; additionally, the teacher can allow students to vote up to 3 times which can be one vote for 3 separate posts or all 3 votes on one post. For example, the most influential inventor, weakest amendment, most descriptive phrase in text. Teacher can close the voting at anytime and lock the board so students no longer can add posts. Also the chat feature can be turned off.

Quizizz: Similar to Kahoot as a multiple choice assessment with great feedback per student. A couple of differences: In addition to playing Quizizz LIVE, it can be assigned as HOMEWORK with a specific date and time deadline. This feature allows students to complete the quiz outside of class. Another beneficial feature is when the teacher enables the setting 'show student all his responses at the end of the lesson', so the student may review his errors. Other settings include turning off Leaderboard, jumbling questions and answers, and turning off the timer so points are not associated with the speed of choosing an answer.

Google Slides: Very similar to Keynote with a favorable feature to SHARE. Rather than partners emailing a keynote back and forth, the owner creates it, shares it easily with the others, and enables all participants editing rights. The owner can also SHARE the slides with the teacher to enable the teacher access for monitoring and giving students timely feedback via the COMMENT feature. *** New feature is allowing questions from the audience during the presentation.

TIP 6: Timely, descriptive, personal/actionable feedback based on formative assessments(CHECK INS) is provided to students on a digital platform.

Schoology: Click on the pictures for larger image.

Another option: When students are writing in Google Docs, they receive feedback BEFORE the final submission.


TIP 5: Next steps with Twitter for novice and experienced users


As a Twitter user, you can search for professional hashtags to see what other educators are tweeting.


Suggested Lexington accounts to follow:







TIP 4: QUIZLET LIVE Students review key vocabulary within a small group(team) of peers.

Each person on the team sees the same question on their ipad; however, only one of the teammates has the correct answer. The team must communicate and collaborate before choosing the answer.

The game tracks each team's response. When a question is answered incorrectly, the team must start over.

At the end of the round, the program will display the most missed questions to review with teacher before starting new round. Must have at least 6 players and 12 different words in the quizlet.

Students are consulting notes and talking with teammates before choosing answer.

TIP 3: SCHOOLOGY Creating an ASSIGNMENT when there is nothing for students to submit? How can I communicate on Schoology without using the calendar or students needing to go to the main course page?

If you like the ASSIGNMENT showing on the main course page and in the Upcoming section, but students do not need to submit a file. Then DISABLE the submissions feature. Now it becomes more of an announcement with directions or a needed file instead of a dropbox for submissions.

The UPDATES feature also allows you to post directions or files..... AND it posts the information on RECENT ACTIVITY feed (students see first after login)

TIP 2: Macbook

Click Using Quicktime Player on your macbook to audio record a test

TIP 1: Padlet a virtual wall for students to share their learning. Teachers can post a prompt for students to respond publicly or privately. Pictures and brief videos created on their ipads can be loaded by students. Students can create a personal account to create their own wall for sharing information rather than creating a keynote.

Examples of LHS teachers using padlet


Thanks to Ortmann, Harris, Small, and Pinta for sharing.

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