LIFNano™ Therapeutics HEALING the brain

Key Considerations

LIFNanoRx Limited (LIFNano™) is a biotechnology company targeting neurodegeneration and autoimmune diseases.

This is a platform NanoBioMedicine that will be used for the healing of degenerative brain and autoimmune diseases such as Multiple Sclerosis (MS). The platform will be adapted to treat other diseases creating multiple distinct income streams.

This is considered by the European Nanomedicine Community’s Translational Advisory Board as one of the most exciting technologies currently in development and has already won a number of prestigious awards.

This patented technology comes from extensive pre-clinical work conducted by teams at Cambridge University (UK) and Yale University (USA).

LIFNano™ holds a worldwide exclusive licence from Yale University to exploit the use of unique nanoparticles containing a stem cell growth factor, called Leukaemia Inhibitory Factor (LIF) for immune-linked and neurodegenerative diseases.

The technology was awarded the most promising international medicine by the Biotech industry in November 2017 in Berlin at the Bi-annual global Nano medicine awards and has World first with its work in passing the blood barrier successful recognised as major breakthrough for medicine.

LIFNano™ is aiming to unlock the power to heal the brain.

The Science

Successfully delivering these LIF nanoparticles to the brain enables cells damaged by "rogue" white blood cells to be repaired and also rebalances the body’s natural protective and reparative immune system. LIFNano™ aims to be the first dual neuro-protective and neuro-reparative therapeutic able to halt Multiple Sclerosis with curative potential.

Current expensive MS treatments try to block the whole body’s natural immune healing process to prevent the "rogue" white blood cells causing further damage. These treatments cannot differentiate between the good and "rogue" white blood cells and so the whole immune system becomes less effective which increases unwanted side effects.

The first LIFNano™ product developed and already proven in animals, LN001, is aiming to treat Multiple Sclerosis (MS), providing a unique and far superior solution to current drug or cell-based therapies. Evidence in animals shows significant healing of damaged brain tissue in addition to potent protection of brain cells.

Early treatment for suspected MS could be possible because this treatment is not expected to cause harm to the body. It is believed to be highly valuable as an early treatment compared to awaiting MS diagnosis confirmation and then prescribing treatment.

LIFNano™ is a targeted medicine with unique curative potential at the root cause of Multiple Sclerosis rather than dealing with the symptoms.

Investment Highlights

• Targeting to establish commercial agreements within 3 years.

• The first LIFNano™ product for Multiple Sclerosis developed, LN001, is proven in animals and progressing to human trials.

• Excellent portfolio patent protection.

• Significant growth opportunities in global markets.

• Multiple income streams by adapting the platform technology to treat other neurodegeneration, autoimmune, and inflammatory diseases.

• The science being used is proven; thereby de-risked and built from existing therapeutics with independent confirmation completed.

• Already received academic and industrial awards including the global competitive GMSI 2014 award from Merck, an Innovate UK Smart award, shortlisting for the Global Rolex Award for Enterprise 2016, and finalist at RESI 2017 Innovation Challenge.

• Base case: Targeting enterprise value by year 5 of $5.6bn.

Proprietary technology with unique curative potential.

The Market

• Global sales of Multiple Sclerosis drugs were $20.7bn in 2016 and predicted to reach $25.5bn in 2023 at a CAGR of 3%.

• 2.5 million MS sufferers globally with drugs costing up to $65,000 per annum per patient.

• Most current drugs are costly and many cause side effects that can be so severe that an estimated 50% of patients receive no treatment at all, many due to non-adherence.

• Additional direct and indirect costs exceed $100bn annually to treat MS sufferers.

MS treatment market predicted to be $25.5bn by 2023 but with significant upside potential for a curative treatment with minimal side effects.

The Competitive Advantages

• A targeted medicine with curative potential at the root cause of MS rather than dealing with the symptoms.

• Predicted to be cost effective as an early treatment for suspected MS.

• Targeted LIF delivery, including across the blood brain barrier (BBB), profoundly improving therapeutic outcomes, reducing costs, and increasing safety.

• A treatment that is scalable to meet the global market demand. Off-the-shelf, bulk production suitable for storage and for global distribution.

• The proven MS technology should enable accelerated approval of other disease treatments, such as Alzheimer’s.

A uniquely qualified organisation with an experienced management team.

The Team

Su Metcalfe, PhD, Founder & CSO Discovered the role of LIF in immunity. Group Leader and recipient of £2m competitive academic grant funding for proof of concept of the LIF-carrying nanoparticles. Co-owner of two patents on the LIF-carrying nanoparticles with Yale University. Negotiated world-wide exclusive rights in the LIF-carrying nanoparticles with Yale University.

  • Global Rolex Award 2016 - shortlisted.
  • Cambridge Business School - Woman Entrepreneur of the Year 2017.
  • Merck’s global GMSI award plus matched Innovate-UK Smart Award - £250k
  • Innovate-UK BioMedical Catalyst Award 2017 -2019 - £1m.
  • Finalist for the Nano Medicine award 2017 for the most significant potential breakthrough technology for healthcare globally.

Florian Kemmerich, BA & MSc, Co-Founder and Board Chair leverages his extensive background in start-ups in biotech, medical devices and life sciences to help build and reposition organizations in the competitive global marketplace. Passionate about translational medicine, growth factors, stem cells and biologics, Florian has a proven record of accomplishment of building and leading innovative and effective commercial stage companies.

Olivier Jarry, MSc MEng MBA, Co-Founder and Director was a partner/Advisor of several investment funds and strategy groups, and Board Member of organizations in healthcare and digital health before joining LIFNanoRx Ltd. Olivier combines expertise in biopharma and biotechnologies over the past 20 years, with business design and management over the last 32 years on 5 continents. Olivier has worked on strategy and planning for biologics at Bristol-Myers Squibb, synthetic biology and gene therapy at Intrexon, expanding existing businesses and building new businesses as a senior executive at Novartis, Bayer and as a strategy consultant at Pfizer, J&J, Sanofi, GSK.

Andrew Wood, BSc, CFO, holds a 1st Class Hons degree from Oxford in Biochemistry. Andrew has extensive finance and commercial experience in startup, early stage and established businesses. He is now building a portfolio of early stage life sciences companies. Previously he was CFO of Oxford Biomedica.

Fully engaged Commercial, Scientific and Clinical Advisory Board who are extensively connected to the global Pharma industry.

Use and application of funding

The Company is looking for investment for £40m to complete Tranches A-C for manufacturing, model testing, advanced pre-clinicals, regulatory and Phase I/IIa. The use and application of funds are as follows:-

• MS Development - £20m

• Research & Development - £10m

• Medical Affairs & Communications - £6m

Contingency (incl. General & Administration) - £4m

We welcome interest from sophisticated professional investors. Please contact us by email in the first instance.

A novel treatment for Multiple Sclerosis with platform expansion opportunities.

Legal disclaimer: The LIFNano™ technology and the drugs that may be derived from it have not received any approval by regulatory authorities. Potential indications are provided for illustration purposes only.

Disclaimer: Enabling Tech Capital Ltd is able to introduce business partners to this Company but if this leads to any potential investment all parties should make all necessary checks and due diligence before entering into any agreement and should seek full advice from their own appointed professional advisors. ETCL make no warrant on the introductions of the technology and we recommend investors always take professional advice and guidance in determining the potential of this or any opportunity.

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