Academic Dishonesty among students students voice their ways of cheating, why they've cheated and more: An Interactive tool

"This year I haven't cheated much, but when I have, it's been out of laziness or confusion. Either I just didn't want to put in the effort or I was completely confused and didn't want to take the time to learn better."

"I'd probably say my grades have stayed the same, they've been better but I kinda have major senioritis."

"I've cheated on some homework that I didn't honestly know how to do but not any tests, and the only class I'd say I've cheated in is math."

"This year it's really only one or two classes and usually it is genuinely just confusion and needing help. No one is asking for screenshots of answers or handouts, but last year there were messages in group chats nearly every day asking for pictures of homework and I heard one student even said they refused to put in the work during remote learning."

"Sometimes on a quiz or test I'll pull out my phone and look at the notes for that class."

"They [Board members] also think they are doing the right things, but in my opinion, I think their way of doing things is wrong," an anonymous meridian student said. "Maybe if they were still in school they would understand the troubles of E-learning, but they really have no idea. "

"A lot of teachers seem to be condoning it this year because it's difficult to avoid when everything is already online. Google is literally right in front of us."

"It is up to the student to apply themselves, and if cheating is what they choose to do, that's on them and not the teachers."