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Sir Francis Bacon

Sir Francis Bacon was the first person to try and freeze a chicken. How did he do it? Well It was snowing in England and Francis Bacon became inspired and wanted to experiment on food preservation so he stuffed a chicken with snow to see if it would freeze. His experiment ended up working but he died soon after his experiment from pneumonia.

Francis Bacon was born on the 22nd of January 1561 but only lived to the age of 65.

Francis Bacon studied at a few schools; Trinity college, University of Loitiers and the University of Cambridge. Francis Bacon was a philosopher, a statesman, an author, artist and a scientist, but was most known for being a philosopher. He wrote a few books; The great instauration and the Novum Organum, the advancement of learning, the history of life and death Francis Bacon also wrote a couple more.

A few people believe that Francis Bacon wrote William Shakespeare’s plays because of the quality and quantity of his work was so high.

Francis Bacon has been called the father of empiricism.

When Francis Bacon was 45yrs old he married to Alice Barnham.

Francis Bacon became a member of the parliament in 1584 Francis Bacon also served as Lord of Chancellor of England, but he was not very popular with queen Elizabeth. Francis Bacon stated that he had three goals; to uncover truth, to serve his country and to serve his church.

Francis Bacon was someone who wanted to try new things and would have been very interesting to meet, but sadly one of his most popular inventions was what him: death by frozen chicken. An undignified way for a great man to go.


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By Sasha Adams


Books, Books, Books and even more books, one of my favourite authors Jaqueline Wilson has written many of them over 100. Jaqueline Wilson is an English author for children’s books and has won a few noticeable awards.

She was born on the 17th of December 1945 and was highly imaginative as a child. Her father was a civil servant and her mother was an antique dealer, Jaqueline spent most of her childhood in Kingston upon Thames and went to Latchmere primary school and did very well. She enjoyed reading and writing books and would make up imaginary games and worlds. Jaqueline started writing at the age of seven. When she was only nine years old she wrote her first novel called “Meet the Maggots”. Jaqueline was often called Jackie daydream at her school because during math she would often stare out of a window and imagine things rather than doing math. After Latchmere primary Jaqueline went to Coombe girls’ school and left at the age of 16 and started training to be a secretary but then she decided to apply for a few teen magazines. When Jaqueline was 19 years old she married Millar Wilson and they had a daughter and her name was Emma, but Jaqueline and Millar split up in 2004.

Jaqueline Wilson has always wanted to be a writer and she has written many books but she is most known for creating a character called Tracy Beaker, Tracy beaker was introduced in 1991 and was a very popular book character, Tracy was described as a very naughty 10 year-old girl who got very angry and frustrated. Here are a few of Jaqueline’s standalone books Ricky’s Birthday written in 1969, Hide in seek written in 1972, Paws and whiskers written in 2004 and wave me goodbye written in 2017 she has also written books alone: The story of Tracy Beaker in 1991, The Dare Game in 2000, Staring Tracy Beaker in 2006 and in 1904 Twin Trouble.

Jaqueline Wilson has won many awards and her most notable ones are The Guardian Prize and The British book award but she has also won many other awards like the Smarties Prize, Children’s book of the year and the story of Tracy Beaker won the 2002 Blue Peter. Jaqueline has sold many books but she sold 40 million in the UK alone.

Jaqueline Wilson wrote the Book Paws and Whiskers in 2004, it had a bunch of stories about cats and dogs inside of it from Jaqueline Wilson and few other authors, my favourite story was called catwings by Ursula K. Le Guin but I also enjoyed Leonie’s Pet Cat by Jaqueline Wilson. Catwings is a story about a few little kittens that lived in an alley with their mother but all of them had wings, then their mum told them it was time to move out, the kittens were flying through the city and found a place to stay but there was an owl there who didn’t like the kittens, one of the kittens went out and found two kind humans who would give them food. I enjoyed the story and it wasn’t very difficult to read it was written in 3rd perspective and was a fiction book. I liked how she included other author’s stories in her book and I would like to read some books from some of the authors she included.


• 9th of May 2017

• 9th May 2017

• 9th May 2017

By Sasha


My name is Samantha Jones, Sam for short. Mum named me after her so we could have the same name, she thought it would be cute but it is the opposite of cute. I’m nothing like mum though, because I’m a bit of a geek, with big round glasses, short brown straight hair, green eyes and I’m definitely not sporty, my best friend Taylor would be a lot more like mum, she’s tall with long blonde wavy hair, blue eyes, a bit of a drama queen and very sporty.

It’s almost my 17th birthday. I decided Taylor should come camping with me. I’ve already asked mum if just the two of us can go camping she said yes. We went there a few years ago and we know the perfect place to camp. It’s right by this beautiful river that’s deep enough for us to swim in. We’re surrounded by trees with a few parakeets chirping their favourite song while they fly from tree to tree getting their friends to join in. Last time we went we swam across the river and built a castle out of twigs and found two small rocks that had patterns on them we put string around them and turned them into bracelets. We’ve kept the bracelets for about 9 years.

I told Taylor to come over today so we could go shopping to buy some camping supplies. When she arrived she said we should buy a new tent so we went to the shops and looked around for hours looking for the best equipment for camp, after a while my legs were getting tired trying to catch up to Taylor. So after what felt like 5 hours we finally found this amazing tent that would be perfect for us, it had 2 rooms one for each of us, a storage area and a bunch of torch holders, but there was just one small problem we didn’t have enough money. Taylor was about to have a big tantrum. So Taylor raced over to the tent grabbed it and went to the check-out the lady there argued with her until Taylor yelled “I want it now”! She started stomping her feet on the hard ground. At that point my cheeks started to burn up turning red like fire .In the end of the argument Taylor actually won but we got banned from the store as soon as we got the tent.


When we went back to my house we jumped straight onto the bouncy couch and we thought it would be fun to look back at the old videos we took last time at camp.

There was videos of everything. It was so eye catching, watching the trees sway side to side which looked as if they could somehow be dancing to the sound of the glistening river swishing loud then quiet. The weather was perfect, the sunrays beamed onto the trees while the colourful parakeets flew from tree to tree chirping a beautiful melody that no-one understood but would still sound so beautiful, the sky was so blue with a few clouds that looked like giant marshmallows. We even found a video of us building the twig castle. I remember we I had a fairy sleeping bag and Taylor had a princess one.

Across from the camp was bright green grass with little drops of water left on them from the rain, the trees were a dark green but not too dark, they had a few flowers on them to, some were falling of some stayed on. It was like looking into an enchanted forest from the stories. . The grass had a few lizards racing around everywhere moving there little legs as fast as they can go trying not to be seen, one of them walked onto my foot and made me giggle, we caught one and named her Lizzy the lizard but then thought it would be a good idea to let her go.

I’m extremely excited to go camping now I just hope the weather will be as perfect as last time. Taylor said we should probably pack all of our stuff because we’re going camping tomorrow!


We jumped in the car ready to go, our camping bags were full it was extremely hard to carry with all of the camping supplies, torches, food, a GPS, light, clothes, swimming gear, a tent, sleeping bags etc. Taylor put her favourite song on which was also known as THE WORST SONG IN THE UNIVERSE!

Finally the music stopped because we were finally at the campsite, we made sure no-one saw us walking into the way to the camping place. No-one was there so we walked straight into the forest, took one left straight, another left then a right, it sounds like it would take 5 minutes but it took 10.

We set up our tent and it looked so sunny so we put our swimming gear on and jumped straight into the river and it wasn’t too cold but it was most definitely deeper than last time. We were in there for about 5 minutes and we looked up at the sky and the sunshine was slowly being covered by dark clouds and the blue sky was becoming darker by the minute. Taylor suggested we should probably get dressed in something warm. The sky wasn’t getting any brighter so we went to the tent.

I asked Taylor if she had checked the forecast but just got the reply “No I didn’t I was sure you did.” Great now it’s probably going to rain, or be a storm, tsunami or even worse an earthquake and ruin my birthday. But I tried to calm myself down by saying over and over again in my head it was sunny before there won’t be a storm, or earthquake or a tsunami. Taylor made burgers to try and make the gloomy moment turn into a happy one.

Soon I felt something. Shaking the tent vigorously. I tried to stand and look outside but instead fell down, it was like trying to walk all over again. This was definitely an earthquake. So we just laid down and shut our eyes hoping it will all be over soon. It just got worse we felt the water from the river splashing straight onto our brand new tent my birthday was turning into a disaster.


We didn’t know what would happen next after all our tent could fall apart, all of our brand new stuff would be ruined from the water. We woke up the next day and walked outside, the sun was actually shining brighter than ever. We checked on our stuff most of it was ok but a lot of it was damaged. Our tent stayed up pretty well but I’m pretty sure we’re missing a few pieces for it.

We were actually happy we were going home today because we do not want that to ever happen to us again, next time we go camping I’m going to check the forecast 3 times just to make sure there’s no earthquake . I dropped Taylor of at her house and went back home, mum said she was worried sick about us and made her ‘Famous Apple Crumble.’ I was so glad we survived the earthquake and I’m very happy I’m home.

My Hooks

Walking by was a little chick, nearby there was a table, the wind blowing hard, the chick walked near the table and the table squashed the poor little chick.

Playing tag with my brother, I was only four, we were running until I ran straight into the corner of the stairs and cracked my head open.

We were running on the playground, at my friend’s birthday, until I tripped and fell on the metal bars of the playground.

Sun shining bright in Australia, my older sister was doing the washing, she picked something up that looked like a shoelace, then it moved, it was a baby snake, we never found the mother of the baby.

My Embarrassing Moment

“Ew!” There was something so disgusting all over my shorts. It was the first day of school I was finally going to be a year 5, my new teacher was very nice her name was Mrs Jury. My friends were in the same class as me they were also excited. We started the day with introducing ourselves, after that we had maths, but the day felt like it was going so slow, and all I was thinking about was morning tea. Finally it was morning tea, we played tag, but when you get tagged you’re in with the other person. We were running fast.

Most of us were in, there was just one more person to get, so I started to run on the slippery grass until... “EW” I screamed, something disgusting was all over my shorts and it was lots and lots of dog poo! Everyone saw me (well not exactly everyone but still).I quickly ran to the office so I could get a change of pants.

That was the most embarrassing moment in my entire life.

Animal Incident

Sunrays filled the lounge, skies were a beautiful blue, the fan was spinning faster and faster. The day was peaceful, my siblings were outside playing on there scooters and bikes. Timber our goat was being a little bit noisy, Karen our hen was with all of her chicks and our cat and our dog kept staring at each other. Slowly the cat walked away from the dog and walked silently outside. The day was peaceful until...

Loud chirping from what sounded like a bird became louder and louder, it was coming closer and closer. I saw a small birds head poking out of something with black and white fur, big whiskers, green eyes and a little button nose. It was my cat!

My older sister heard the loud chirping and came in and told the cat to get outside, eventually he did.


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