Body and Senses 9/25/2020

This week in the Toddler Room we talked about our bodies and senses. We continued talking about parts of our bodies including our ten basic body parts ( head, shoulders, knees, toes, etc.) The Toddlers also learned about some of their body organs like the heart; what it looks where it is ( what it sounds like) and that we need it to move the blood all through our body. We also talked about our stomach and intestines and what happens to food after we get all the vitamins that our body needs out of it. Lastly, the Toddlers learned about the brain- how we think and learn new things and also where their lungs are located. We also learned about senses. We introduced activities for each sense this week. Sound cylinders were introduced going from softest to loudest. For sight, we began looking for the change in fall colors. When we try a fruit that is new we smell first then taste. Touch from trying new fruit and picking up leaves and grass while we are discovering textures of fall.


Matching objects and shadows
Fruit container
Book of the week
Children working on sound bowls where two sound are mixed. Toddler working on alphabet puzzle.


Pink Tower
Sound Cylinders
Child sorting shapes
Toddlers taking turns to stack blocks and create a tower together. Skill of concentration , patience with one another and one self. Some were shocked to see the tower; some excited!


Dice one to one with bears
Children working on number stacking and number puzzle

Practical Life

Children tonging acorns, rug rolling, hand transferring peppers, spill and sweep tray, and ladling blocks.


Bingo dotting
Children working with play dough from their pencil boxes.

*Next week is our virtual Curriculum night on October 2nd from 4:30-6:00pm!

*Our topic next week is Apples and Nutrition.