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In the history of the United States there have been many social changes that have occurred. As a result of America being a nation of immigrants many events have impacted both past and modern Immigration. The Immigration Movement is one of the most significant and important movement for the equality of the immigrant peoples, because no matter when, they all came to America for better life opportunities. Discrimination of Immigrants in the United States have been going on since the beginning of the U.S’s birth. However, the movements root began 1820. This was one of the first wave of immigrants to reach American soil, but to also face intense discrimination. This movement involved discrimination against Chinese, Irish, Italians, and Latinos. For example, The Chinese Exclusion Act, passed in 1850, prohibited Chinese people to come to the U.S for ten years. The Americanization Movement, created by the American government in 1920 helped decrease discrimination by assimilating into American culture. This movement helped the people learn English, traditions, to demonstrate patriotism and loyalty to the United States. Also the Immigration Nationality Act movement in 1959 was important to the U.S history establishing that discrimination of Immigrants was unjust and would no longer be tolerated in this country. Finally the act of 1964 Equal Employment opportunities ended all the laws that prohibited people to work based on race, color, religion, sex, and national origin. Today people that come illegally don’t have to worry about being discriminated because we live in the United States free to live the life we choose because now everyone’s life matters and we all fought for our rights.


1820- Immigration because of starvation.

The Irish moved to the US because they failed 3 years of farming and people were dying so they came looking for a better life and more work opportunities.


1996-welfare Restriction.

Welfare was restricted to the immigrants because the government wanted to save the state some money and with that money they saved they used it to double the border patrol to prevent or make it harder for illegal people to cross.


1920- Jobs for the Italians

Mining, textile, and clothing manufacturing were the jobs that Italians were giving and their only way they got money to survive on and after they earned some money they went back to their country.


1924- More border patrol

The border patrol was expanded to 450 officers to prevent terrorism and weapons from coming to the US brought by illegal people.

1850- No more chinese people

The US prohibited Chinese from coming into the country for ten years.

1907- women takes her husband’s nationality

If an American woman gets married with a foreign man she is no longer a US citizen and takes her husband’s nationality until the marriage is over.


1920-more work opportunities

Most of the time the Italians were discriminated and were attacked by mods but after trying to fit in this country they achieved more work opportunities.

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