Non-Fiction By: Rachel Suttmueller

Non-fiction is prose writing that contains true facts about anything and everything in the world. Some non-fiction texts include world facts.....

Animal facts...

And facts about people who have made a difference.

The top left photo is beach stone, the bottom left is bismuth crystals, and the right photo shows a cluster of quartz.

My absolute favorite hobby in the world is collecting and studying rocks and minerals, in hopes to be a mineralogist one day. This being said, my favorite non-fiction books to read are about rocks and minerals. I would read about them any day.

Some non-fiction text features include bold words, italicized words, pictures, graphs, maps, and captions.

Non-fiction text does not have to be written about the present or recent events. Non-fiction books can date back to dinosaurs.

Non-fiction texts may not be exciting for some, but I love gaining new knowledge on subjects I know little about! Non-fiction books can be just as exciting as fiction books, or even more so, with the knowledge that the information in those books are real!

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Rachel Suttmueller


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