MAKING CHANGE HAPPEN: assessment and feedback - SALT conference 2020 #SUSALT20

12th Annual SALT Learning and Teaching Conference 8th July 2020

The 12th annual SALT Learning and Teaching Conference, will take place online with live and recorded sessions on Wednesday the 8th July 2020. The conference will give colleagues the opportunity to come together as a community to share ideas and good practice around Assessment and Feedback. Please click here to register for the conference via Eventbrite

Conference Programme:

9.30 Professor Martin Stringer, Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Education) - Welcome

9.40 Professor Jane Thomas, Director of SALT - Making change happen in 'the new normal'

9.50 Parallel Presentation sessions: Please select one of the below options. A separate Zoom link will be sent once registered for the parallel presentation session. Alternative sessions will be available following the conference.

  1. Students as co-creators of assessment: Dr Nigel Francis - Flipped Feedback; Dr Alison Williams - Empowering feedforward through reflective practice; Deborah Rowberry - Using appropriate assessment to motivate and inspire learners. Register here: bit.ly/SUSALT20Session1
  2. Evaluating new types of assessment: Dr Bettina Petersohn - Rewarding engagement: experiences with points based participation components; Aidan Seeley and Nia Davies - Meeting the Skills Gap - Developing Novel Practicals for Preparing Successful Undergraduate Pharmacology Graduates; Dr Jessica Fletcher - Podcasts: A digital alternative to traditional assessment. Register here: bit.ly/SALT2020Session2
  3. Alternative (online) assessment strategies: Associate Professor Monika Seisenberger and Liam O'Reilly - Small-But-Often as a Form of Formative Assessment for Large Classes; Beth Griffiths and Jonathan Thomas - Responding to change: making assessment work for everyone; Dave Ruckley - Games, Scenarios and Branching Quizzes: Moving beyond MCQs and Essays to assess skills online; Dr Miguel Lurgi - Learning Ecology on Padlet. Register here: bit.ly/SUSALT2020Session3

Presenters will be available for live Q&A at the end of each presentation

12.00 Break and Coffee Lounge - a social space will be available for you to meet and chat with colleagues, click here to join bit.ly/SALT2020CoffeeLounge. Case studies and posters will also be available 'on demand' as follows:

  1. Zdravka Kamenova - Flexible assessment choices: how to use the Career Development Course as an assessment tool to help you integrate career learning bit.ly/SUSALT20ZdravkaKamenova
  2. Lucy Evans - Formative feedback using a simulation doll for teaching in Midwifery and Obstetrics bit.ly/SUSALT20LucyEvans
  3. Karin Ennser - A vehicle to enhance student engagement and effective learning in group project work bit.ly/SUSALT20KarinEnnser
  4. Professor Michael Draper - UKAT Professional Development Recognition Framework and the UKPSF bit.ly/SUSALT20MichaelDraper

o: Wells S.M.


12.45 Jonathan Perry, Manager of Client Services for Instructure EMEA - Aligning your Canvas tools to the Future of Assessment. Jonathan will take you on a tour of the assessment tools available in Canvas and share best practices on how to make your assessment a continuous and accessible process. He will look at the tools that enable automation of this whilst also considering the options that ease the delivery of feedback on authentic and realistic assessment activities. The aim of this session is to highlight the potential of the system in delivering assessment of knowledge and skills across a broad range of subjects.

13.30 Panel discussion - Led by Associate Professor Jo Berry, Dean of Assessment and Feedback. Jo will be chairing a panel discussion on the values and assumptions we bring to assessment and feedback. Panel members include Professor Andy Grayson (Nottingham Trent University), Dr Patricia Xavier, Wayne Thomas and Iwan Williams

15.00 Excellence in Learning and Teaching/Student Support Awards and close

Please note that the conference programme may be subject to change. Please click here to register for the conference via Eventbrite.

''The 2020 conference will bring together our experiences of Assessment and Feedback and explore how we make change happen. In this Centenary year we look forward as well as back to improve practice and support teachers'' - Professor Jane Thomas, Director of SALT


If you have any queries about the conference please contact: Suzanne Wells (Senior Academic Developer) s.m.wells@swansea.ac.uk or Rhian Ellis (Academic Developer) r.e.ellis@swansea.ac.uk