knights VS samurai BY: Amelia Rakestraw

The knights were located in Europe, They live in the north western area

the knights began in at the age of five with learning how to ride a pony, at the age of 8 they would be sent as his fathers overload then at 14 they were able to become a squire, then they would become able to become and actual knight

the knights wepon/ armor is a Gauntlet- a glove i might be leather chain mail ,Plate armor- used by greeks and romans ,Greaves- armor that protects the legs ,Barding- a metal piece that protects the horses,Parade armor- is used for impressing the ladies

Social order- pope, king, lords, lesser lords, knights, artisans, pesants,surfs

extra facts- poor knights didn't have there own castle, the rich had there own castle

samurai- wepons / armor- small iron scales were tied together.,The helmet- was made with 8 to 10 iron plates,The body had 4 parts . they didnt wear armor on there right arm

social order --

i think that knights and samurai are more similar than different because they have lots of things in commen above

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