A Night Away From Campus students spent their friday at the fair to destress from a week of classes

At the end of the week after exams, homework, and back-to-back classes all students want to do is relax and have fun before Monday comes and the cycle is repeated. While most weekends in the fall on Rocky Top are spent attending football games, the Vols had an away game this past week and that gave students a chance to come up with their own plans. Luckily the Tennessee Valley Fair was still going on and open until midnight all weekend. A few students captured their night and talked about how they make their weekends fun.

Arriving at 7:54 pm, the students had their tickets scanned and headed in to figure out what they were going to do for 4 hours.

The lines were long, but Knoxville native Alaysia Jetter led the group to a tunnel entrance that most don't know about.
The students head to the ticket booths

The price list for rides was reasonable. After talking to a few families that have come to the fair every year, everyone decided that wristbands were the best option.

Brianna and Alaysia drag Morgan to a ride named Delusion due to its turns and flips.

All the bigger rides were located in the back right corner of the grounds, and many other UT students were already there waiting in lines to get their thrills in for the night. The group wanted to ride everything, but some weren't into that idea.

"I like riding rides, but not the big ones that loop you all around and throw you upside down constantly," said Morgan Jeffries, a 20 year-old majoring in supply chain management. (pictured in right photo, farthest right). "I really wanted to come because it reminded me of The Mid-South Fair I used to go to back home in Memphis and I wanted to do something before I have to start studying for my finance exam."

Iffy and Allison play a fair game hoping to win oversized bears to take back to their dorms.

Ifedayo Akinduro, known as Iffy by his friends (pictured in left photo, farthest left), a biomedical engineering sophomore was excited to attend the fair for a special reason. "I've only been in America for about 4 years," he said. "I can now say that I have gone to a county fair, it was better than I expected and the food is really good."

Below are some pictures of rides the students went on and the food booths they passed along the way.

Brianna takes photos and videos of friends eating and others around them enjoying themselves.

"I am always down to go somewhere on the weekends," said Brianna Carter, who is a 21 year-old animal science major. "I don't like sitting in my room doing nothing every weekend. I wanted to come tonight for the fair food and rides."

Henry pretends to ride the cupcake unicorn Alaysia won playing a water gun game.

"I like hanging out with my friends and going to different places," said Henry Iduoze. He is 19 years-old and a mechanical engineering major. "Everyone knows about all these events in Knoxville, I didn't know the fair was in town until someone told me. I feel like I do a lot more when I'm with a group."

The group found ways to pass the time while waiting in the lines. Some scrolled their phones, some people watched and others posted on their social media.

The group adds a few more friends to the mix as people start to show up to the fair.

Allison Nicole is a communication studies major and is 24 years-old. She has been vlogging for a few years now and decided to use the night out as a part of one of her upcoming videos. "It's just a day to day thing I do," she said. "I show people what I do throughout the week and I get great feedback. People will love to see the fair, the food, the atmosphere and all the rides we rode."

Knoxville locals in enjoying the annual Tennessee Valley Fair.

The locals enjoy more than rides from the Tennessee Valley Fair group. The non-profit also hosts concerts, pageants, eating contest, arts & crafts nights, sports, exhibitions and more. The group does events throughout the year.

Fried oreos

The highlight of the night was not the rides but the food. After 3 and 1/2 hours of riding rides the group spent the last minutes of Friday stopping by booths and eating delicacies you can only find at the fair. A few left with frozen chocolate covered bananas and caramel apples all saved for later in the coming week.

The night ended with a 15 minute fireworks show. After the last boom, the students hopped back in their cars and headed back to campus to enjoy the rest of their weekend.

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