A blank canvas is full of promise

Math Centers- Students choose from cans of learning strands to improve their knowledge on different units.
Students practicing math in small groups
Genius Hour- and what genius's they are! Kids worked in group or solo to create a range of projects that ranged from volcanos and slime to Origami and Legos.
In The beginning....

Students have been working very hard on graphing. The object is to focus on one thing at a time, follow directions exactly as they are given, and SLOW DOWN. This is a very difficult task for anyone who attempts to do this project. They have to first measure 2" by 2" going across and down the page. Once the measurement is exact, they then use an image with a grid. Students learned how to choose their own image and insert the "table." The final project is shown below. Despite this project appearing to focus on art, it is meant to teach a valuable lesson: SLOW DOWN when given a task of any value.

The initial projects completed thus far
Storyline Online
Working on another scaled drawing
Dexterity Activity

Excellent job on their performance of Let's Eat!!


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