The Scuttlebutt North dakota veterans home-Fall 2020

Wait! Before we tell you about the summer and fall events we need to tell you about some fun times pre-COVID-19.


This moment was truly special. In February of 2020 five residents were given invitations to a special ceremony in the NDVH chapel hosted by the Quilts of Valor group. Each resident was presented with a handmade quilt while the presenter read a short biography of their military service and provided words of gratitude.

Willy poses with his quilt as his history is read to the group.
David shares about his appreciation for this gift of love.
Letters of gratitude were presented to the Veterans on behalf of Quilts of Valor.
Patriotic and farming, this quilt was made with Martin in mind.


Elmer and his student read a captivating book.
Lyle brought a friend to listen to the story.
A book worth a thousand smiles!


Elmer, Alfred, Jodi Rae and Wayne pose in the Art Studio. Jodi took time to visit with residents and share her story of joy. Thank you Jodi!


Did you know that the Veterans Care Cart Fund was at a critically low balance? Activities Coordinator, Noreen put a plea out to the local American Legion Auxiliary Units and before we knew it the fund was in good standing again. Noreen was so impressed she decided to invite these ALA members to a tea. Members had time to share about their spouse, fathers, brothers and sons service in the military. It was impressive to hear the heart that these women have for supporting Veterans.
Noreen guides the conversation as members share touching tributes to the Veterans in their lives.
Two of our local superheroes: Virginia and Lorraine.
A moment to sit and visit.
Enjoying tea and a treat.
Check out those smiles!

An update from our Administrator

Mark B. Johnson, NDVH Administrator
The world changed for the Veterans Home in March of 2020. Our residents and staff have been swept up in the COVID-19 pandemic. What was considered a friendly conversation between a couple of residents now involves donning mandatory facemasks, social distancing and handwashing. But what you don’t know is how fantastic our staff have been. They have worked tireless hours to keep our residents safe and secure. I salute every one of them for being heroes for our Veterans and spouses. There are no words to tell how grateful I am for the courageous work they do daily. I also want to give a shout out to all the Veteran Service Organizations that have assisted with gifts, meals, etc. for the staff and residents. Through their support we have been able to do special things for our heroes and employees. In closing, I am excited about closing the COVID-19 crisis and putting it behind us. I know we have many hard weeks ahead of us, but with God’s guidance we will overcome this difficult time. Sincerely, Mark B. Johnson Administrator


Pictured to the left is George Crigly, Road Captain of the ND Patriot Guard presenting a check to Courtney Jacobson, Activities Coordinator. Thank you for the generous donation!

Motorcycles parked at the Lisbon Park Pavilion and had a sack lunch prior to driving through the Veterans Home campus. Thank you for supporting our Veterans.

ND Legion Riders

Thank you Gerald Puetz(pictured to the right) for organizing a great motorcycle drive-by with the ND American Legion Riders. We miss playing bingo with your group during these times of social distancing.

This group of residents had the perfect view for the motorcycle parade.
It was so fun to see the different styles and makes of motorcycles.


The "Old Time Tractor Club" gifted the residents with a glimpse of history.

It was a bit chilly but that did not stop the residents from heading outdoors for a birds eye view of some classic tractors. The memories that this machinery brought back were amazing. Thank you to all who made this happen.

Giant Jenga always draws a crowd

Whether you are participating or watching the game, giant jenga is a bit nerve-racking. This activity has been on our schedule a few times over the summer months and we were thankful to have another warm September day to play it outside again.
Kurt shows off his skills with ease.
Mark is about to make his move.

Fall Photo Shoot

Who is on the receiving end, dog or man? Thank you Robin for setting up a Fall Photo Shoot and thank you Wanda for brining in Nuke, golden lab/basest hound/etc. and Kari for sharing Gunner, Australian Shepherd.

Sonny was able to get both dogs to sit still.
That's the spot Lyle:)
Tom and Nuke have a sweet connection.
I bet Elmer is thinking about the farm.
Perfect poses Alfred and Nuke.
Walter is making a new friend.
This is Elmer's kind-of photo shoot.
Olin gets Nuke to relax.
What are theses two discussing? Richard and blue-eyed Gunner.
Your smile lights up a room Ben!
Ace, with a joke ready to be told at any moment.
This lady is a born caregiver, Helene.
What a duo! We will call them our security team, Myron and Nuke.
Lorraine wanted to join in on the fun.

Fall Photo Shoot

Bill is pictured to the right. You hold a special place in our hearts.

Elmer spends a majority of his time in this courtyard, perfect spot to enjoy the weather.
We think Keith's grandkids will like this picture.
Wayne, sporting his Army cap, we are so proud of you.
Morris looking dapper as ever.
This is a framer. Thank you for sharing your smile with us Robert.

Art Studio and Woodshop Projects

Gordon working in the woodshop
Gordon poses with his custom made cornhole games that he made as a gift for his family.
Bob made this set of Cubs cornhole games for his dear friends.
This leather wallet was created by Jim who is pictured to the left with Courtney J., Activities Coordinator.
Willy has been making suspenders in the Art Studio.


Custom cornhole bags to go with your custom cornhole set. Made at the North Dakota Veterans Home by Veterans.

Some samples of bag sets.
Willy has been busy at his sewing machine creating custom bags.
This set was designed by a resident and is ready for sale.

Cornhole Sets are $125.00 Cornhole Bags Sets-$20 Custom Cornhole Bag Sets are $25

*Call Robin at 701-683-6557 to place an order.

Sargent County Museum

Jim checking out the engine.

Pat Olafson of the Sargent County Museum extended an invitation that we could not pass up. Pat set aside time to hold private tours for the residents of the NDVH.

Doug, Ron and Don take it all in.
Jim proudly poses by a Case.

Thank you Pat and all who are part of the Sargent County Museum!


Tie-dye shirts; this project was fun to make and a blast to model.


Aliceton 4-H Club of Ransom County warmed many hearts with a unique parade. Goats, chickens, a horse, a dog and lots of great kids paraded around the campus with our activities staff and even created some beautiful window art.

Smile kids!
Making the rounds with the goats.
Brody, Aria and Dexter the dog write an uplifting message.
Steve Schutt awarded Governor's Award for Excellence in Public Service: Zezula Award "One Who Helps".

Steve serves as a night watchman at the North Dakota Veterans Home. Here are a few remarks that his nominator made:

"He plays cards and does puzzles with a lot of our night owl residents. He is also there to just talk if they are having a bad night."

"If we need help at all during the night he is right there with guidance or with our answers we need."

"If something comes up a majority of our residents will wait until Steve is here because they know it will get done and get done right."

Congratulations Steve!

We Remember those we have lost in 2020

-The loss is immeasurable but so is the love left behind.-

Arlene Gibson

Audrey Sundquist

Bradley Sigl

Cletus Leinen

Donald Chesley

James Diemert

Jeffrey Koth

Logan Kinslow

Lyle Lunde

Richard Norberg

Richard Pickar

Robert Berg

Roland Barchinger

Thomas Dunn

Tracy Naas

Warren Nelson

William Strand


Thank you for the kindness you have showered on our residents and staff!

North Dakota Veterans Home-1600 Veterans Drive-Lisbon, ND 58054 701-683-6500


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