Community Place-making A quick look at what CLEAR are doing in Buckhaven.

Place-making: making spaces into good places.

Today I met with Allen Armstong, one of the founders of CLEAR and he showed me some of the orchards, guerrilla fruit plantations and green spaces developed over the last 10 years.

CLEAR started as an anti-litter initiative but quickly developed to planting spring bulbs, vegetables, shrubs and trees.

Guerrilla fruit tree plantation!

Making out of the way spaces into real green places.

Totem poles - an artistic touch.

The Growing Space: an orchard producing an increasing amount of fruit every year for the community.

Vegetables in allotments grown by local plotholders.

The knowledge base is growing! There's a lot to learn and there's something to suit everyone.

Local compost.

Little wasted here - and it's all organic.

Water feature for small creatures.

Lots of ideas you might not have thought possible.

The Zen Garden!

Willow Den for children's play and storytelling.

Tomatoes, grapes and much more in the polytunnel.

Real organic food.

I'd not seen a wall properly planted before, except in America!

More traditional urban tree planting.

Planting in retirement homes and harnessing the gardening talent there.

Rest home wheelchair garden.

Foodbearing hedgerows along the paths around Buckhaven.

There's 2000 trees out there, says Allen.

Lots here too...

And even down there...

Orchards in empty spaces.

Turns spaces into places...

...full of fruit.

Preserving local history and communicating what it was like back in the day.

Making things grow.

Locals can collect a few carrots for their lunch.

Interpretation boards hide the unsightly recycling bins from the Main Street.

CLEAR supplies and maintains baskets all over Buckhaven.

Local volunteers water them.

"Community place-making" means turning spaces into places.

By Duncan Zuill, local teacher at Levenmouth Academy.
Created By
Duncan Zuill

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