Ireland By:Jenna

Did you know that the Blarney Stone is located in the town of Cork? Ireland in the contenent of Europe. Ireland is realy beautiful It is all green from all the shamrok. In ireland you can viset the Blarney Stone, you can meet Enya the singer, and you can celabrate Blooms Day.

One of Ireland's beautiful Water Falls

The Blarney stone is in Cork, Ireland. About 300,000 people kiss the Blarney stone each year. The Blarney stone is a single block of blue stone. Once a pilgrim broke grasp of his friend and his friend fell and died. The steps of kissing the Blarney stone are first you sit with your back tored the stone. Then someone sits on your legs. Next you lean back while holding a iron bar. Lean back until you are even with the stone then you kiss the Blarney stone. The Blarney Stone is a cool place to visit.

The Blarney Stone
Blarney Castle

Did you know one of Enya's Albums was used in the first lord of the rings films? Eithne Patricia Ni Bhraonain is Enya's name, she did not like Eithne so she changed it to Enya. Enya was born on May 17, 1961. One of Enya's first solo albums, Watermark,sold 8 million copies. Her had a band and Enya played keybord. Enya's album Watermarkwas a folk album. Enya had meny albums, like Memory of trees, Paint the Sky with Stars,Enya's best seller Day without Rain, and Amarantine, May It Be wos used in the first lord of the rings Film. Enya i an intresting preson from Ireland.


Irish Flags

The Irish Flag

Have you ever celabrated Blooms Day?Ireland has a beautiful landscape. You should visit Ireland because of it's beautiful landscape and you can visit the blarney you can see Enya sing and you can celabrate Blooms Day.


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