Native Americans Donovan Aikens, Doug Lafrenz, Clarrissa Reisner

When European settlers first set foot on the shores of North America, they thought they had discovered an unclaimed territory that held a promise of riches and a New World. The European colonists called the natives “Indians,” a mistake dating back to 1492 when Christopher Columbus thought he had reached India. As European colonists followed Columbus, they thought themselves superior to these “Indians.”

Thousands of Native Americans were forced from their native lands onto specially designated “reservations” that were often barren wastelands. The Native Americans are fighting for their lands back because the white american are trying to take their lands.

The war ended and peace came to the natives and the whites. With peace came a new United States policy toward other Indians of the west. The government decided to put aside an area of land for each tribe. The land was called a "reservation." Each tribe would live on its own reservation.

Civil liberties are the state of being subject only to laws established for the good of the community, which are God-given rights in some ways.

The Native American civil liberty to their land was being violated, but now the Native Americans can keep their land.

There are no rights I would fight for because I would be too afraid if the actions I take were met with violence.

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