The Pacific Railway , Morill Land-Grant , & the Homestead Acts By richard wallace

Pacific Railway Act - between 1862 - 1864 the government gave larger land rants to the United Pacific and Central Pacific railroads. The 1862 act granted every alternate section of public land to the amount of 5 alternate sections per mile on each side of the railroad.

Morrill Land-Grand Act of 1862. It gave state governments millions of acres of western lands, which the states could then sell to raise money for the creation of “land grant” colleges specializing in agricultural mechanical arts. The states then sold their land grants to Land Speculators. These people bought up huge plots of land in hopes of selling it later for a large profit.

The Homesteader act was signed off by President Lincoln in 1862. Under the act, for a small fee settlers could have 160 acres of land - a quarter mile square - if they had met certain conditions: They were at least 21 years old or the heads of families. They were American citizens or immigrants filing for citizen ship. They built a house of s certain minimum size 12ft X 14ft, on their claims and lived in it at least 6 months a year. Finally they had to farm the land for 5 years in a row before claiming ownership.

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