3 Regrets By: Ella lawlor

They were in front of a large pond. The water was blue and clear, reflecting the bright sun into their eyes. The pond was by a farm and a small town, with small wooden cabins, painted with warm colors. Betwixt the pond and town was a large sprawling forest. There was a hill besides the pond too, that overlooked the Vet. It was on that hill, where Addison stood.

"They… I hate them.” Snarled Addison in frustration. ‘They’ referred to White and Sandy, the two Samoyeds that Addison shared her street with. They were in love with each other and that is what bothered Addison. They were happy. Addison didn't have love. She was jealous of their relationship.

Rain was settling in, first drizzling, then pouring. White and Sandy ran from the raging storm to take cover, but Addison stood in the rain on the hill, lightning flashing behind her. ‘Why do they have a happy loving life, while I cannot?’ Addison thought and her heart cracked a little.

“I wish they were dead.” She hissed, before stalking into the forest. A strong, large, lightning bolt struck in the forest where White and Sandy had gone and a shriek ripped through the air. Addison’s third wish came true…

It was only two seasons ago when Addison found Jestic in despair. Jestic was neither girl, nor boy, black, nor white… he was a magical spirit. Addison tricked the spirit into giving her three wishes. She used the first wish almost immediately. The second one, a month later, and now she had used her final wish to wish them dead. And they would die…

Sandy blessed the forest. No force was more powerful and noble than Mother Nature. She had saved him as the lighting came down, sheltering him with her branches and leaves. And now he had a chance to save White. His paws pounded the earth as he raced to the village. ‘She must live! She has too! What if I don't come back in time?’ He was nervous for White. But a warm voice whispered to him in the wind… ‘She is strong. She will live.’ And he didn't doubt it. He didn't have time to, but he was glad the trees were on his side…

It was two hours later. Addison sat on the same hill, but this time, facing the Vet. Sandy laid in front of the door with his owner. White was in the hospital, but Addison knew the vets could save her. ‘They must! Can't they?’ She found herself doubting. ‘What have I done?’ She sighed feeling eyes bore into the back of her head.

“Her fate is in your paws.” Addison recognized Jestic’s voice. “You made the wish.” She sat there awaiting the fatal words she knew would come. “She will die.” Jestic said.

“I wish I could save you…” She whispered, feeling the heavy burden of White’s life on her shoulders.

“Fourth wish undoes it all.” Jestic murmured in her ear. She whipped around to face him, her heart lurching inside. Jestic stood looking at her with a faint smile. Addison almost did… but then she hesitated

Now Addison isn't greedy, even if that is your first impression. She had a reason behind getting her wishes. She wanted wealth for her owner. That was her first wish. Without money her owner would have lost his job, gone broke and would have had to give her up. Addison didn't want to be alone…

“I wish it will all go away.” She sighed. ‘It's for the best…’

Addison sat on the same hill over looking the same vet, but this time, homeless, and with a fracture in her heart. She watched White, limping around with Sandy. They were the happiest wolves and town, and Sandy proclaimed, the luckiest. Nobody could have more luck and love. Who needs a fortune, when you have a family, Sandy proclaimed. ‘I do.’ Addison had bitterly thought.

Eyes bore into Addison and with a start she realized that Sandy was staring at her, and she knew she owed them an apology. Hesitantly, she walked down the hill towards White and Sandy…


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