Final Reflection

Final Reflection of the year. I did not really enjoy doing journey logs. I am terrible at reflections and I felt that they were very time consuming. I think what made me dislike doing the journey logs the most was that we had to do the specializations with them which took even more time. I especially started to hate them after spring break and I got very lazy with them. I think my journey logs were the same throughout the whole semester. I for the most part just described my week and what we had to do. I don't think I really reflected that much. I think with my journey logs I would give a description of the week and here and there I would state that I felt stressed occasionally.

I truly hate specializations. It didn't make sense to me that had to do more than what the assignment asked for and that depending on your specialization you had different additional work to do. So I didn't like that either, because I felt that some of the specializations had easier additional work to do than others and to me that didn't seem fair. If there is anything that I could get rid of in this class it would be the specializations because they are honestly a pain in the ass.

each section represents one of the specializations

Minecraft. I hate Minecraft. I hated it at the beginning of the semester all the way through to the end of the semester. I hated every assignment that we had to do on Minecraft because I am awful at the game. I have never struggled so much to play a game before and it was so frustrating to me and I felt that I spent so much additional time on the game because it would take me forever to figure out how anything worked. I'm so glad I never have to use that app again and that I never have to play it again and if I ever have another class where I have to use Minecraft, I think I'm going to cry.

When it comes to reflecting on previous journey logs, I would say that the first three that I did were definitely the best ones that I did. I think when I had mage as my specialization I actually liked doing journey logs. Even though making the videos were somewhat time consuming, I thought them to be an easy and fun way to reflect on the week. When I had to switch my specialization, I think I chose the worst one to switch to because a ranger requires so much research and additional writing that it made start to not like the journey logs. I eventually switched to a bard and it made journey logs more enjoyable again because I basically got to collage pictures and describe how those pictures reflected my week.


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