Summer Reading 2020 Byram Hills High School

While shared texts typically populate the landscape of the English classroom, we believe that recreational reading plays an equally important role in the development of critical thinking, empathy, and self-awareness. During the academic year, students make quarterly independent reading selections. Over the summer, we ask that students continue to immerse themselves in high-interest reading material.

Independent Reading Assignment: Grades 9-12

All BHHS students should complete a minimum of two independent reading selections during the summer vacation. An updated list of recommended titles appears on the Byram Hills website (additional links provided at the bottom of the page).

We highly recommend that students discuss book selections with teachers, librarians, and parents. During the first week of school, students should be prepared to discuss and/or write about their selections.

Required texts for Advanced Courses:

Note: For all advanced courses, students should read the required text and a minimum of one additional independent reading selection.

English 11 AP

Required for students taking English 11 AP

English 12 AP-Perspectives in Literature

Required for students taking English 12 AP or Perspectives in Literature
Additional Resources:

The following links contain numerous suggestions for independent reading. Not all books will be appropriate for all students. We strongly recommend that students make informed decisions about independent reading, considering the content and complexity of each work.


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