Infographic in AI Brainwaves - Info graphic April 2019

First Class

In the beginning i thought i will take this course just for fun without homework. After watching life classes and getting to all the content I decided to complete it. I learned so much so i wanted to practice and same time i became interested in Brainwaves and how the influence our emotions, learning and creativity. I collect all kind of Information in this mood board not sure yet what will be the focus of the info graphic. But i have an idea what colors to use and i want to learn the amazing Info graphic font Lukas showed us. That's something that will be in my toolbox for sure . But in the real project i struggle to make it work so in the prototype its only similar. Here is the link and the instructions are on the PDF you get when downloading. For the titles and the text i used fonts that i bought a few days ago and want to try. I like fonts and play a lot around with them , they are an important part of my design.

I took images of the brainwaves from Pixabay and Wikipedia Open source traced them in Illustrator and added a color to them that should fit the character of the wave. I made some researches but there is not such a thing like a special color for a special wave i tried to use color combinations that fit and made my Palette with Adobe color and the color tool in Illustrator.


Second class

I started to make research on my subject and there is so much information about brain waves so i need to specialize on on e part in order to get an info graphic that is not to full. As someone that always uses to much i found info graphics a good way to cut down to a minimum and visualize the information. I was surprised how wave disorders and abnormality are connected to three major diseases in our time: Depression, Sleep Disorders and ADHD. Brainwaves can be manipulated by Drugs, Alcohol, Relaxants, Antidepressiva, Coffein, Meditation, Sleep, Stimulants and more.

In Illustrator i miss a lot all the functions i have for type styles and aligning from indesign working with text is much harder. I like a lot the color panel and its options its almost like adobe color just inside the App and makes the choice of colors really easy. In the end i cropped the final exported image in photoshop hoping that once Illustrator will crop like Photoshop ... I know there is crop now in Illustrator now but i could not find it. Its just not as user friendly as photoshop.

I could not get the icon font work it produces always two circles one besides the other instead of both together to make the graphic. First i thought that's may be just an issue in Illustrator. But its not i could not get it to work in word either. So i used the chart options inside illustrator and in the fact you can add real data and import it is great, for this project i did not need it but i guess i will in future. And i did not use the charts either because my info graphic does not contain percentages or numbers. Its more a general overview in order to show and explain the brainwaves in a special context. I think in a future project i may enlarge this one and add charts.

Final still some issues with aligning


Final Reflection

First of all i am glad i did this course (thanks to all the great teachings and special thanks to the very professional and eye opening lessons and life classes from Lukas that changed my mind not to do the homework for this course also if unfortunately i could not get the infographic Font work but i will check that again.) I refreshed a lot of things in Illustrator. Any time i work there it gets easier and i find this courses even when to short a good time to learn, practice and refresh. Its also very inspiring to see what other students do and in the last weeks all the comments are really good and helpful. I like the life classes best and they are my brake from work and my instead facebook for social interacting online. This infographic will be a nice project for a class activity about infos from the school and also in general. Its a good way to learn Illustrator while doing something real and useful. Its good to think how information can be shown in Illustration. Hope to see you all in other course! Thanks a lot.

Created By
Susanne Tamir


Pixabay, Design Cuts, Wiki commons

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