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Forgive me for this super late post, but one of my harder daily challenges, despite the usual traffic in Manila, and being indecisive on what exactly to eat when I'm in the office, is having to deal with my BACKLOGS. So from time to time, aside from giving you the latest on all things food and travel, I'm looking forward to posting a few throwbacks from my previous adventures.

Enter - Chef Cecille Chang's customized Thai Cooking Class!

The kitchen essentials are ready for our class

Chef Cecille Chang, who has already made her way through various roles within the F&B industry in the Philippines, is also more popularly known as the Chef In Stillettos in Manila. She shares with us that Thai Cooking is just as easy once you get to know the basic ingredients, where to get them, and how to use them in the best way possible.

Learn the secrets of Thai Cooking with Chef Cecille Chang

Another great thing about Chef Cecille's Thai Cooking Class is the fact that it's customized - so for this particular class, it was held in one of our friends' house in White Plains, Quezon City, which instantly became a perfect backdrop for Chef Cecille to showcase her skills with us.

Hi, I'm Nines, your Thai cook for today!

Whether you're a buddy homecook looking for a new thing to learn, or just an afternoon bonding with your fellow Titas of Manila, Chef Cecille's Thai Cooking Class is one of my personal suggestions to get that bonding going with your friends right in your own home (or your friend's home, wherever convenient I guess). Plus, imagine how much food that you're all going to enjoy right after the class, right?

Beryl and I carefully follow the instructions in our improvised kitchen

Tip: make sure you have some rice ready in your kitchen. Chef Cecille isn't really including that on her list of ingredients so make sure it's just enough for everyone to pair it with awesome and deliciously prepared Thai dishes!

Some of the dishes we learned on that day: Thai Spring Rolls, Curry and Tom Yum Soup

Chef Cecille handles everything from the ingredients, kitchen tools, and handy guides, so you won't have any worries on what to buy for the class. Just let her know where you plan to have the class and she will be there to set-up. It's that simple!

My first ever Pad Thai!

It's funny 'coz when I started writing about this, I was craving for Tapsilog....and now I am craving for some mean green chicken curry instead! I'm officially gonna head to the supermarket later today to buy some stuff and make myself a mean Thai dinner tonight!

It was a truly enriching experience! Thank you Chef Cecille!

Ready for your own Thai Cooking Class at home? Price is just Php2,500 per person and includes cooking equipment and tools, handouts, apron and name tags. There is a minimum number of participants for each class so make sure you call them first to know about this.

Chef Cecille is so casual when it comes to teaching but she is very particular with the ingredients that she use for her popular dishes

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