Book Report Leo s2d 26

The book that I've read is The Whipping Boy.This book was written by Sid Fleischman and it was published by Greenwillow Books in 1986 April.


  • Prince Brat and Jemmy escaped from the castle
  • Prince Brat kidnaped by the bandits hoping to collect ransom from the prince
  • Jemmy pretended he was the prince to save Prince Brat
  • A bear saved the boys from the bandits while he was chasing them
  • The highwaymen pursued them through the tunnels
  • Jemmy convinces the bandits to head down a tunnel filled with rats, and once the bandits are attacked by the rats.
  • They returned to the castle.
  • The boys became friends at the end.
Message: I think the writer wants to tell us not to act like a frog under a well. We should always try to make our lives better. Just like Jemmy.
My favourite character: My favourite character was Jemmy because he was smart and he could solve problems staying in calm. When he saved Prince Brat ,he could make a plan very fast. That's the reason why he was my favourite character.

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