Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Robert Louis Stevenson


Victorian London


Cramped housing situations but had access to running water, sanitation, and had decent cooking conditions.

This setting gives the book more of a dark feeling and helps us to get into the mood that the author wants us to be in.

Meet the characters:

Mr. Utterson

Mr. Utterson is presented as the narrator of the story and Dr. Jekyll's lawyer. He has great self-control. We see this when he receives instruction to not open the additional letter that came with the letter he received when Mr. Lanyon died.

Dr. Jekyll

Dr. Jekyll is portrayed as a successful, nice, sociable, hard-working man but there always seems to be something off with him. He will disappear for months at a time with no explanation.

Mr. Hyde

Mr. Hyde is presented as an ugly, unapproachable, young man. We also find out by the end of the book that he is Dr. Jekyll's alter-ego

Mr. Lanyon

Old friend of Dr. Jekyll's who tends to shy away from him when things start getting bad. He is important because he knows what is going on the whole time. We see this through the letter he gives to Mr. Utterson

MR. Enfield

Friend of Mr. Utterson's who goes on walks with him. He begins the story with a story of how a girl was trampled by Mr. Hyde.

Literary Devices within:


Utterson talks about drowning in all the trouble with Dr. Jekyll but he isn't literally drowning he is just overwhelmed with everything that is going on.

"Poor Harry Jekyll ... my mind misgives me he is in deep waters!" (Stevenson 20)


The door at the beginning of the story is an allegory because what lies behind that door is a mystery to everyone except Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

Point of View:

Most of the story is told in third person limited by the narrator, Mr. Utterson.

I think it would have been interesting to have more of the story from Jekyll/Hyde's point of view because we would have been able to see more of the internal struggle that goes on in his head. This also wouldn't be considered a mystery because we would know everything that is going on.



  • How did YOU feel throughout the book?

Towards the beginning I was confused as to why someone would entrust someone with every single possession and all their money. As the book went on things seemed to get more and more complicated. At the end when everyone started dying off it started to get clearer what was actually going on, but it wasn't until the letters that everything was clear.


  • How did the author want you to feel while you were reading?

This whole book had a dark feeling to it. It begins with the little girl being hurt by who we now know was Mr. Hyde who was very creepy. It keeps going from there with the mystery of Jekyll and Hyde with their relationship.


Good vs Evil

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde's personal struggle is a perfect example of good vs evil because we see him struggle between these two people who are total opposites of each other. Dr. Jekyll is very sociable and nice but Mr. Hyde is always seen as a dark unapproachable person.

The inner struggle is really revealed in the last chapter through the letter we read from Dr. Jekyll. He speaks about how he has grown up with this struggle of Mr. Hyde and learned to control it but sometimes it got to the point where he wasn't able to control what was going on and sometimes he learned to like who he was either way.


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