TRUE COLORS THE ABLUM A musical project self created

A 15 song, Hip-Hop, Rap, and R&B themed album centered around the exposure by a power from above of various forms of True Colors. The self-created album will be made from scratch in a recording studio in my basement I plan on building as the project progresses. The studio will be called "Glow Recording Studio", for everybody to access once True Colors The Album is finished.

Colorful Mind Turning Into Colorful Vibes....

In todays day in age throughout all of America we are living through social media and egos. This album is designed and created to musically prove to everybody, even the ones with the most social power that looking into your reflection will expose the true colors you never thought were true. The self-started recording studio will create the raw, and original sound that other artist can't make. In a world where taking from the past is now a popular thing, we need more raw material to prove the realest of topics.

Be Aware For The Colors Exposed Through Your Own Reflection....

"Glow Recording Studios" will require all equipment such as instruments, sound proof walls, programs, lighting, air-systems, and everything that professional studios rely on for their clients. With professional sound proof walls and the highest quality of recording softwares, the album I'm creating will be as if it was recorded in the best NYC studios.

Rare and custom sound....

The album will consist of all custom made beats never heard before strictly for the purpose of this project only. With different vibes and flows within each song made with the highest quality equipment, the project will give off vibes never felt before in each of the 15 songs, from the self-made recording studio.

Next Steps....

The next steps after the album is released through stores such as iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Google Play, and Soundcloud...their will be touring shows released and merchandise available for fans to buy and support the movement of this project. Each show will be a whole new experience for each fan and be a result of the hard work of the entire process that went in to go through this.


Created with images by Pexels - "indoors macro mic" • rotten77 - "music studio recording" • Neville Wootton Photography - "Lake view on the road between Tam Coc and Mai Chau" • Jason Lander - "IMG_0298.jpg" • Unsplash - "concert performance entertainment"

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