DAKINI LURE Women's ceremony

A key to the Queendom of Love is within Your Heart
A magical night of deep surrender into the Great Mystery in a Sacred Temple
A devotional celebration of magnetic and extravagant Power of Shakti
A playful weaving of Sacred Sensuality, Mysticism, Ritual, Dance, Prayer and other heavenly beautiful delights of Divine Feminine

DAKINI LURE CEREMONY is a sacred space where women come together to explore and embody the path of DAKINI, to awaken and celebrate the GODDESS in a intimate Temple space with a sacrament of Madre Tea


She is the Sacred Flame that burns within a heart of every woman

She is a Sky Dancer, a Tantric Priestess who merges Heaven and Earth via Flesh and Energy, Body and Spirit, by using her Kundalini flow as the vehicle to arrive into the Sacred Union.

She is pouring Unconditional Love and Divine Beauty in to collective human psyche

She is a gatekeeper of Four Directions

She lures with her Wisdom beyond duality, seducing one's heart to fall in love with the Divine

She is passionate yet free from desire

She finds her pleasures within Higher Truth and Timeless Awareness

She is alive and youthful, guided by her sensuality, she incorporates her Erotic Nature into her Spiritual Path, letting her essential nature to unfold fluidly and organically

She knows the Art of Divine Union between Emptyness and Great Bliss

Are you ready to anchor your Avatar Self into the body of a Priestess?

Are you in a mood to indulge into Unknown?

Are you willing to attune to Divine Pleasure and birth Magic?

You are welcome to join ceremonial circle of amazing women

At DAKINI LURE gatherings we offer a safe space for transformation, self exploration, self expression and expansion of our consciousness

We learn to use our voices in a practice of mantra singing and cultivate specific overtones which correlate with physical and energetic centers of our body

We use sound and music as powerful tools to re-wire neuropathways for healthy brain/body function

We explore practices and philosophies of Kundalini Yoga, Kashmir Shaivism Tantra, Dhrupad tradition of Temple singing, Ritual Dance and Ceremonial Magic

We venture into magical realms of Feminine Beauty and Ancient Wisdom of Divine Mother

We fall in Love with the Divine Within

The Divine flow of Dakini ceremony

  • We arrive on Saturday anytime between 4pm and 5pm
  • Sacred Tea ceremony starts at 7pm and flows till late night
  • Sunday breakfast 10am
  • Sharing circle 11am
  • Lunch around 1pm

How to prepare for Dakini Lure ceremony


You saying "YES" to this sacred work is the key!

Please write or call to RSVP and secure your spot. We hold an intimate small group and spaces are limited to 12-15 participants

Intention, Vision, Prayer

You are invited to call forward a clear intention/prayer for the ceremony.

Weeks/days before the ceremony, please spend time in meditation, creating a vision, feeling into a dream, holding a prayer for the transformation you wish to manifest and blessings you wish to receive.


One week prior to ceremony please avoid:

  • Alcohol
  • Coffee, Black Tea, Chocolate
  • Red meat ( especially pork), shellfish, smoked aged or cured fish
  • Fermented or pickled foods, including fermented drinks like kambucha
  • Cheese and other dairy products
  • Refined sugar, salt, spices
  • Garlic and onion
  • Soy beans and all soy products

We respect and honor your commitment to keep your body well prepared and clean for this sacred work

The highest integrity and safety of this work is our commitment to you!!!

Please do your best with the dieta at least 3 days before the ceremony

Very important to avoid

-Please know that interaction with some medications may cause serious health issues

-Recreational drugs

-Sacred healing plants, such as Peyote, Whashuma (San Pedro), Marijuana, Psilocybin Mashrooms, etc.

-Sex with a partner or yourself

Please note that You Are Fully Responsible for full disclosure of medications and health conditions prior to joining the retreat!

What to bring to a ceremony

  • You clear intention, a smile, your raw Autentic-Self and your full presence
  • Cozy/comfy things to set up your personal spot within a Temple room, such as blankets, pillows, cushions, yoga mat, back support, sleeping mat
  • Comfortable white/light color clothes with layers to keep you warm at night, socks, sleepers. Fell free and welcomed to express your Goddess nature by wearing beautiful dresses or accessories
  • Your journal, favorite sacred objects from your altar, a musical instrument if you wish to share your gifts, a jar/bottle for drinking water
  • Your favorite fruits or vegetables or anything yummy you may wish to enjoy and share with sisters after the ceremony or next morning/afternoon ( we will have yummy delights prepared for you as well )
  • Your donation/self-investment in a envelope with your name on it

To RSVP for ceremony

Email Kira at KiraKushnirova@yahoo.com

Or call/text at 310 497 7217

Please note that a full donation for the ceremony is $250 and to book your spot please send a deposit of $100 via PayPal to kirakushnirova@yahoo.com

You are welcome to ask about possible payment arrangements or a partial service exchange

Dear sisters, I am so delighted and honored to share this sacred path of Dakini with you.

I am grateful for the opportunity to meet you within a sacred space and to receive gifts of your Divine Feminine and to play and pray together in devotion to the Great Goddess in a Queendome of Love !!!

Thank You
Blessings of Eternal Love

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