Frankenstein Review Matteo Mitola, 4D

Frankenstein was written in 1816 by Mary Shelley, one of the greatest female writer born in London. The story is about a brilliant scientist that had tried to exceed the limits of his period science. His name was Victor Frankenstein, and his main work was the creation of a new creature from a corpse. After a long and hard period of intensive work, the scientist succeeded in his purpose. Frankenstein at the beginning of the story is on a ship leaded by the one that through his letters tells the story, Mr. Walton. The scientist tells him his incredible story and what had happened to him until that moment and whatimmense sorrow his extraordinary invention caused to him. In fact, after the creation, Frankenstein understood how much naive he had been and how many problems the Creature could create. So he ran away from it, and for few years he could live without fear, until the monster killed his litlle brother William. Feeling guilty for this murder, the scientist met the Creature to kill him in revenge. But the Creature was also angry with him for creating himself and asked to Frankenstein to create a wife for him so that he wouldn't have been alone no more. To convince the doctor, the Creature told him his story, that moved Frankenstein that agreed to his proposal in return of peace. Frankenstain during his second work, felt guilty because he was creating another potential murderer and so decided to break the promise. So the Creature wanted revenge and killed first Frankenstein's best friend Clerval, than after his wedding his wife Elizabeth and then died also his father. All alone and eager of revenge, without fear of death, Frankenstein started running after the Creature. At this moment Frankenstein met with Walton, who saved him from the cold. After Frankenstein had told to Walton the story and his desire to kill the monster, the scientist died and immediately arrived the Creature, to say goodbye to his last enemy, his own creator, and to his own life, running away towards the cold mountains, to find death.

My favourite character is probably the Creature and that because its story really moved me and what it has been through took pity on him. Also the fact he has changed from good to evil because he was alone and everyone hated him for his look makes its change more understandable even if what he has done then was horrible. On the contrary there isn't a character I didn't like the most, but I hated the scene when Felix, the young cottager, entering his house and finding there the Creature has started to hit him. Even if I undrstand that probably everyone would have done the same thing for the fear, Felix could wait a moment and he probably would have understood that the Creature was not a danger because he was quietly talking with De Lacy and he meant well.

If I was the scientist Frankenstein, after his wedding and when they reached the hotel to spend their honeymoon, I never would have left Elizabeth on her own in her bedroom as he did. In fact while he was looking for the Creature, it already had reached his wife and killed her. So, if I was in his shoes I would have stayed with Elizabeth to try protect her.

The most interesting part of the book was without doubts the story of the Creature that himself had related. The most boring part were probably the initial letters of Walton to his sister Margaret. The most confusing one was the final speech of the Creature to the corpse of his creator. The most shocking part instead was the one in wich the Creature killed Elizabeth.

Another possible ending of the story was the murderer of the Creature by Frankenstein taht in this way could finally have his revenge, or the opposite way, with the success of the monster.

Finally, it is a really interesting story that does excite and I would absolutely recommend it to everyone who wants to read a captivating tale.

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