Deerog By: Will

This deerog got its heredity from its deer mother and dog father.
DNA relates to this deerog because it got the full body of a dog but it got antlers from its mother
The mutation affected it because the genes got messed up, which caused the antlers of the deer to grow out its nose.

When the mutation started happening, the protein got all messed up which caused the deer's antlers to grow out the dog's nose.

I think that this deerog is more based on a dominant gene because the only thing that's different is the antlers.

Benificial or Detrimental

This mutation is more likely to be detrimental. It is more likely because no other dog will want to probably play with it. The antlers would also get in the way of the dog bending down. Also, it couldn't sniff the ground because the antlers would stop it.

If this deerog finds a mate, it will most likely only pass on only the dog part of the body. It will probably still pass on the deer antlers just because in order for the antlers to be passed on, it would have to be a dominant trait, so if it finds a mate, then the antlers will be passed on.

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