Photo W-6 By Ean

Rules Of Third

This is my edited of my rules of third. I picked this picture due to the road and the fence. They are in the lines of the grid. I love this photo due to it being a town and country theme. This is why I picked this photo.

Leading Lines

I picked this photo because it make you follow the leading line to the square at the very end. It was taken in a park so I edited the park stuff out of the picture. I chose this angle because it looks like your looking down at the stairs. And this is why I have chosen to do this photo for my class.


I choice this pic due to how much you can see up close. This is called macro it is where you can see things up close but not with the naked eye. As you can see in this pic is that there are blue balls under the blue string looking things. You can also see the pollan on the flower itself. This is my favorit out of all photos due to how much blue and up close stuff you can see. I used the burn tool to brighten the blue in the flower itself. Then I used the blur tool to blur some of the objects in the photo. Like the ground leaf and many other objects on the flower itself.


I chose this picture due to the fact i like birds and i think i did the best edit on this pic. I gave the left close on the right side i made it a little bit darker with the paint brush. I also tried it with the airbrush but didn't work so well. I tried the burn tool and burnt an edge of the walnut. Last thing i did was try to crop it but i couldn't figure out how to do that with kimp. This is probably the best photo i have done with kimp. It's not too crazy but i also didn't want to go overboard. I love the tone of the photo. The shadows are also another reason the photo looks so good. I tried to put a triangle of interest in there but idk if it worked or not.

Studio photo is mainly on the face of the modal. You can also trying using mainy tools to make the photo pop out more. I tried making a triangle to follow with your eye to the vocal point. I don't think it turn out as well as I hoped.my focal point shellby smile. i was trying to make triangle of interest with her right and left arm. it could have turn out better but i'm glad it turned out good.

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