Billy Sunday By: Hannah LaRson

Billy Sunday was born on November 19, 1862, in Ames, Iowa

His father died a month after he was born, which was hard for the wife.

Later on, when he was 13, his mom sent him and his elder brother to an orphanage because of bad circumstances. Two years later he ran away and found a job working as a stable boy.

Later on when he was in high school, he dropped out before he could even graduate. He moved back to him hometown in Iowa.

After he left high school, he played on a baseball team there. He was a very good outfielder. He became very popular in baseball.

When he started playing in the major leagues, he played for the Chicago white stockings. He started playing on this team on May 22, 1883.

His last team he played for was the Philadelphia Phillies. His very last day of baseball was on October 4, 1890. The reason he left beanball was to become an evangelist.

During the early 20th century, he became the nation's most famous evangelist. (The first two decades of the 20th century)

Even though his life was hard, he went through it and became one of the best known people of the 1800s

Finally, his life ended. Billy Sunday died of a heart attack on November 6, 1935.

Billy sundays quote is, " I believe that a long step towards public morality will have been taken when sins are called by their right names."

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