Robyn Donahue Mentor - ENTREPRENEUR - LEARNER


Robyn Donahue
With over 20 years of experience in outsourcing and staffing industries – I discovered a better way of doing business, where every customer and every employee are the perfect fit, for us and for each other. Perfecting this custom matching program and always having the best interest in mind for our customers and for our candidates has been my driver and passion.


I encourage everyone at IntellliSource to keep learning – to bring every customer the perfect solution, and to always treat every employee as a valued member of the team. This last point, respect for employees, is frequently talked about but seldom delivered in our industry, but I take it seriously and our teams do too!


  • I am always learning - if we can do it different and more effectively, let's do it!
  • I have a love for the work we are doing and that it has an impact to all that are around us.
  • I am always open to feedback because it helps me grow - You need to be able to hear it in order to effectively give it.
  • I build relationships with others and among others - my belief is that all relationships are built one handshake at a time.
  • I challenge the people around me to look at problem solving through a unique lens which opens up the possibilities around us.

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