War of Roses By: Maci reynolds

House of Lancaster

  • The rose of Lancaster was the red rose.
  • Henry VI was the king at the start of the war.
  • Margaret of Anjou was the wife of Henry VI, she took control of the war when Henry was ill.

House of York

  • The rose for the House of York is the white rose.
  • Edward IV was the king for much of the war. He was the first York king.
  • Edward V was the son of Edward IV and was king for only a few months before disappearing in the tower of London.

Henry Vl

  • King at the start of the war.
  • Henry was mentally ill and was housed in the tower of London until he died.
  • Richard put Henry VI in prison and became "Lord Protector."

Edward IV

  • First York to become king.
  • Edward IV was king for much of the war.
  • Edward dies and his twelve year old son becomes king, Edward V.

Richard lll- guilty or not

  • Richard III took Henry V to the tower of London.
  • Henry V and his brother disappeared in the tower of London.
  • Richard III is guilty for taking his nephews to the tower of London so he could become king.

Battle of Bosworth Field

  • During the battle, Richard III did not have a happy reign.
  • During the battle, Richard III made a charge for Henry.
  • His horse got stuck in a march so he fought on foot.

Henry Tudor and the House of Tudor

  • Henry Tudor won the whole battle in the end and became king.
  • Henry Tudor was the founder of the House of Tudor.
  • Henry Tudor married his cousin.


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