Work on Christmas Eve By stacy richmond

Christmas Eve, the best

And the worst day of the year.

Work, the craziest place

During the holidays

People Scrambling, Kids screaming

The occasional crazy old guy.

I stand at the counter,

With a migraine since 8.

It only gets worse when I see them.

Two grown women pulling hair, fighting Over the last deluxe Barbie house.
6:58, two minutes then I'm free.

Praying the crazies don't come to my register.

6:59, I begin to start walking,

But, I'm too late.

The psyhotic women rush to my counter

Playing tug-of-war with the small play house.

I see my co-worker who just clocked in.

I turn and start walking away,

Good luck.
Created By
Stacy Richmond


Created with images by blickpixel - "gift made surprise" • condesign - "cookie pastries sweet" • Diario Critico Venezuela - "US-ECONOMY-BLACK FRIDAY" • bradleygee - "clown" • happyskrappy - "girl fight!" • infofarmer - "clock" • steinchen - "clock time stopwatch" • AndYaDontStop - "A bad day'll make you really notice ones that's good..." • Marcin Wichary - "Not quite a Halloween costume"

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