My experience at the Harn Museum A Good Life Tour

Art and Core Values

Tiergarten, Berlin, July 1, 2000

Rineke Dijkstra

As I toured the Harn Museum, I came across a print of young girl at a standstill, appearing to be staring straight at me. This piece struck me with intense emotion as I began to reflect on what it was once like to be that age. Insecure and uncertain. Brave but clueless; only beginning to become aware of societal expectations, gender roles, and social injustices, still unable to fully understand them in their complexity. No longer innocent, but not yet a sinner.

Seated Bodhisattva

By: Jose Dynasty

When I think of the good life and what I want to achieve, I think of my desire to obtain inner-peace. The Seated Bodhisattva has mastered this and more, communicating a message of non-violence and compassion, and ultimately, teaching others how to reach enlightenment. When I see this sculpture, I see a goal. A goal to live life as purely as the Bodhisattva himself.


Bud Vase with Swirl Decoration and Jack-in-the-Pulpit Vase

By: Frederick Carder and Louis Comfort Tiffany

Favrille Glass and Gold and White Aurene glass

I found these uniquely colored flowers and vases to be most inspiring. I have always been fascinated by glass artwork and was pleased to see that the artists had chosen to use two different types of glass. Each piece glistened in the light as I examined it individually. No matter the angle, every petal managed to shine. To me, this further proved that seeing an artwork in person truly does enhance one's appreciation for it.

Design of the Museum

Asian Exhibit

I found the wooden window space, displaying a small river and garden outside of the Asian exhibit, to be most appealing. I appreciated the opportunity to see the outside world because, as a person who spends hours upon hours inside museums, seeing sunlight for even a few minutes is a pleasurable break. Aside from this, I think that the windows make the exhibit feel more spacious and lively and natural lighting is always benefical.

Paige Sclar

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