Teddy Roosevelt Jacob ryan, Lexi Connelly

Early Life

Had asthma, and was near sighted as the age of 13

He did gymnastics, went hiking, swiimming, and rode horses

Beat asthma later in years

Naval War of 1812--Reentering Public Life

22nd birthday he got married

District seat in Albany

Wife and mom died on Valentine's Day

December 2, 1886 remarried

Became president of board on NYC police convention

Emergence as a National Figure

Assistant naval secretary

Rough riders, trained for serveral weeks

Awarded Medal of Honor

Governor of New Yourk

In Spanish American war

26th President

Youngest person to hold office

He delivered a 20,000 word speech to congress

Noble peace prize

Ended territory Alaskan dispute


Went on a hunting trip

Convinced the nation they should join e war effort

Creates his own political party called bull-moose- party

Square deal

Conservation of natural resources, control of corporations, consumer protection


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