Jacob's Syndrome By: Ginger and morgan

What is this disease called?

  • Jacob Syndrome
  • XYY Syndrome
  • XYY Karyotype
  • YY Syndrome

The causes and inheritance:

Jacob's Syndrome is a random mix up or mutation during creation of genetic code. Most cases are not inherited; having Jacob’s syndrome does not make your children more likely to have it. The mutation can occur at any point during meiosis of sperm cells-- some cells can have the mutation while others don’t. The mutation is a form of nondisjunction.

Phenotypic Effects:

  • Taller than average
  • Weaker muscle tone
  • Severe cystic acne during adolescence
  • Fairly normal intelligence: on average IQ is 10 to 15 points lower than siblings
  • Mild delays in reaching developmental milestones
  • Speech delays and language problems are common
  • Reading difficulties are common due to an increased incidence of dyslexia

Social Issues:

  • Increased risk for behavioral issues and learning disabilities
  • Thought that they were overly aggressive and lacked empathy but recent studies have proved that wrong
  • Generally they lead full, healthy lives

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