Pamela Cardell Cato CAS Highlights

Pam is the Assistant Managing Director for EMU Theatre. She was a freshman at EMU in 1987 and began working for EMU in 1996, first as a lecturer of speech and beginning acting classes, before moving into her job today. Pam helps run the Theatre program for EMU and does a wide variety of things, including: obtaining rights and royalties for every show; observing auditions and helping to cast shows; directing productions; overseeing the scholarship program, recruiting, publicity and marketing. She is also the staff sponsor for the student organization Players at EMU, and works hands on with students, meeting the daily demands of whatever the productions require. Pam explained, “My job is super fun, never boring. I get to work with incredible students every single day and that’s definitely what makes it worthwhile.” When COVID-19 hit, all the productions were affected and unfortunately they had to be shut down. In the middle of all this Pam maintained virtual communication with all those involved in EMU Theatre, students, staff and faculty. Right now the biggest question is, “What will Fall look like?” Pam has been researching safety guidelines, what other Theatre organizations are doing, researching possible shows, and what Theatre can and could look like in the Fall. Basically, “trying to figure out, what can we do? How can we be safe? What can be done that's creative? What will be engaging and exciting for our cast, crewmembers and audience?” said Pam. When asked about her biggest accomplishment, she said: “Anytime, I get to help a student overcome an obstacle, every time I get to help a student move forward in their particular passion, anytime I get to assist them in any way, that’s what I love!” Thank you Pamela Cardell Cato for your passion and dedication to the EMU Theatre Community! #TRUEMU #EMUCAS