Rudi's survival By:aVery wilLIams

Back to Anna's


3 years has gone by and Ingrad has became sick,So they go to Anna for help . when they get their they get baths and Rudi gets a hair cut. Anna thinks the stuffed rabbit is the thing making Ingrad sick. This is a challenge for Rudi because he doesn't want to take away Ingrad's precious stuffed rabbit. After he takes it away she goes in the corner but a dog goes up to her and makes her feel better.

Joseph's way home


Rudi and Ingrad had settled down at Anna's for a couple of months now . Rudi is working around the house and trying to train Sasha . He tells he do sit but she doesn't do anything so he pushes her hin legs down then Ingrad trys , Sahsa sits right down Rudi decides to leave training to Ingrad. Then Joseph comes back and is being his usual mean self. Him and Rudi got in a fight at dinner so Joseph went to sleep in the barn .

The threat


Rudi is restless worrying about Joseph telling the Germans that he and Ingrad were at Anna's . So he goes to wake Anna up for tea and a talk he gets the tea ready when Anna comes down. They talk about Joseph and about him telling Anna thinks he won't but Rudi isn't taking chances so he tells her Ingrad will stay with her and he will leave in a couple of hours . After he gets ready he goes to the barn where Joseph is he goes in and wakes him up in the loft and waites for him to come down . Rudi talks with Joseph but Joseph is not taking the warning so Rudi chokes him and scares him so he won't tell.

Wars over


Rudi is on his way off to the woods when he hears an man yelling. He walks over to the man and ask him what's wrong he gets out a paper and starts waving it in his face Rudi takes the paper and reads it but then some German soldiers came walking through unarmed . Then he herd Oscars voice he goes and gives him a hug while trying to tell him everything then he ask about his father Oscar says he's at a death camp so Rudi goes along with Oscar to the city.

The end .


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