Mother's iron status crucial it will affect the whole life of the child

English Professor David Barkers epidemiological research studies show that the nutritional status of the mother, mainly as hemoglobin count has an effect on fetal development.

This has also been tied to the health of the infant throughout life.

Nutritional status and birth weight

From the beginning of the century new-born babies weight as well as that of the placenta has been recorded.

We know today that a low nutritional status, above all low hemoglobin values in the mother, is reflected in placental weight versus baby weight.

By combining these data for more than 5 000 persons and comparing them with health development throughout life certain conclusions could be drawn.

Low nutritional status in the mother

It turns out that those born by mothers with low nutritional status suffered from various internal diseases such as low blood pressure and diabetes to a higher degree, an increased risk of coronary heart disease and the disorders related to it: stroke, non-insulin dependent diabetes, raised blood pressure, and metabolic syndrome.

A substantial number of studies show that mineral and vitamin supplements especially during the vital first trimester have a decisive influence on maternal nutritional status and birth weight of the baby.

Adaptations the fetus makes when it is undernourished

The "Fetal origins hypothesis", states that cardiovascular disease and non-insulin dependent diabetes originate through adaptations that the fetus makes when it is undernourished.

These adaptations may be cardiovascular, metabolic or endocrine and include slowing of growth, they permanently change the structure and function of the body.

Epidemiological literature

In the epidemiological literature, the fetal origins hypothesis associated with David J. Barker posits that chronic, degenerative conditions of adult health, including heart disease and type 2 diabetes, may be triggered by circumstance decades earlier, in utero nutrition in particular.

This means that the nutritional status of the mother must be helped with efficient and well-tolerated iron supplementation.

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