Our Holidate with AuntTiff & Uncle Roy 'chill' @ the queen mary, 12.30.16

Winter Wonderland ... Here We Come!

YOU CAN'T SEE ME, BUT I'M UP THERE ---Justin Cormier

1st up ... eat, then paintball, then on to that great big unsinkable ship (except, it did actually sink, and we're going to check out if the GHOST rumors are true)

Who's Bad!


Not Justin!

he needed more help than one man could give

So He Started A Fist Fight

He Lost!

And on to the REAL ice-skate champs ...

Well What Do Ya' Know ...It Started To Snow!

Now Alice, Wonderland, and The Bad Mad Hatter ...

Ice Race!

the cormier bros were so quick, we couldn't even catch em' on film!

And just before concluding our trip - Jordan wins 'Rock, Paper, Scissors' back up the Ghost Ship!

Thank you for watching, the day was just right ...

Happy Christmas To All, And To All A Goodnight
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